Apple 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Apple Articles for 2002

BrightBytes™: iSync, BMW MINI, WeSync

Apple has released a beta of its synchronization app, BMW will integrate the iPaq into future MINIs, and WeSync is no longer accepting new subscribers.

Apple’s iWalk PDA tiptoes out

Apple is rumoured to be launching a handheld computer at the MacWorld Expo next week

Palm Be Apple – Could a triple merger be in the works?

January is here once again, and another San Francisco MacWorld Expo can't be far behind. As usual, the question on the collective minds of the Apple faithful is, What will[...]

RUMOR: Apple to enter Smartphone Market

In a New York Times article this week Apple CEO Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "We decided that between now and next year, the PDA is going to be[...]