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Then there were two

Brighthand takes a look at the traditional PDA market and why HP and palmOne will likely be the last two standing.

RumorMill™: Details of Upcoming Apple Handheld

A Mac-related web site has what it claims is a description of a handheld that Apple will release this summer. Supposedly, it will offer a clamshell design, an internal hard[...]

Apple PDA Rumors Stoked Again

Every few months it seems a requirement for the tech press to re-discuss the idea of Apple making a PDA. We all know Apple's been thinking about it, they'd be[...]

Steve Jobs Says There’ll Be No Apple PDA

Yesterday, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said once again that his company isn't going to release a handheld or smartphone.

OQO Model 01 – PDA and Notebook Computer Hybrid Device (Pics)

OQO is a San Francisco based company started by former employees from both Apple and IBM. In January at the CES show in Las Vegas OQO unveiled a working[...]

RumorMill™: Another Hint an Apple Handheld May Be in the Wings

A bit of new evidence has emerged that suggests Apple might have hired a company to do some research into whether there's a market for an updated version of the[...]

New Patent May Be a Hint of Apple’s Handheld Plans

Apple recently received a patent for a method of handling a rotating computer screen. Though this would not normally be of interest to most handheld users, there's a suggestion in[...]

Apple Talks About Mobile Phone Plans

Apple and Motorola could soon unveil a mobile phone with iTunes support as early as next month.

Apple Working on a Mobile Phone?

A new unconfirmed report has been published that indicates that Apple is working on a mobile phone.

Motorola Announces A780 Linux SmartPhone and MPx220 Pocket PC SmartPhone

Motorola yesterday hosted a press event dubbed "Seamless Mobility". Motorola announced their new ultra-thin RAZR V3 clamshell phone, iTunes Alliance -- a strategic alliance to between Apple and[...]

palmOne Reaches Out to Mac Users

palmOne has introduced an area on its web site for Apple Macintosh users who want to get the most out of their palmOne handhelds and smartphones. However, many Mac users[...]

Long Awaited Apple PDA Surfaces!

It appears that the long wait is over for Apple fans to finally have a "Mac" powered PDA. In a totally unexpected overnight release, the new PDA...

Future Motorola Smartphones to Include iTunes

Motorola and Apple have formed a partnership that will bring the iTunes music service to future Motorola smartphones.

ppcTunes Brings iTunes Music to Pocket PCs

ppcTunes is the first application that can automatically copy music from Apple's iTunes music service to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Sync Your Pocket PC with Your Mac for Less than $15

Information Appliance Associates has released PocketMac Lite Edition, a less expensive version of its software that lets users synchronize a Pocket PC with an Apple Macintosh computer.

RemoteAmp 2.0 for Pocket PC Released

RemoteAmp began as a Pocket PC remote control for Winamp, but the new version also works with Apple's iTunes.

Apple AirPort Express With AirTunes

The Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes will be available starting in July. However, we have detailed pictures, specifications and setup instructions for the AirPort Express so you can be[...]

Steve Jobs Happy to Not be in PDA Business

At the "All Things Digital" conference in California this afternoon, Jobs frankly answered a number of questions, some conerning PDAs. Jobs said he was happy Apple hadn't ventured into the[...]

Sony to Add Retail Stores to Make Shopping Easier

Sony has announced plans to add retail outlets in 10 markets over the next several months. The plan is similar to the stores Apple has rolled out. Sony can only[...]

PDA News – New cases, Convergence or divergence, Apple rumors

New cases for Treo, Clies Information Week: Convergence or divergence of mobile devices? Rumor of Apple Newton revival survey