Apple 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Apple Articles for 2005

Apple iPod 5G / Video iPod Review (pics)

The Apple iPod 5G, more commonly known as the Apple iPod Video, is the most recent evolution of Apple's world famous MP3 player that combines the best aspects of each[...]

Will palmOne Become Another Apple?

At times, the comparisons between palmOne and Apple are almost startling. So Brighthand's Ed Hardy wants to know, will palmOne eventually end up where Apple is now?

Microsoft Proposes Two New Thumb-Driven User Interfaces

A team of Microsoft researchers have come up with AppLens and LaunchTile, two possible user interfaces that can be controlled entirely with a single thumb.

Apple May Be Developing Pocket-Size Mac

An Apple-related web site says it has been leaked information on a secret project to create a mini laptop running OS X.

Apple Smartphone ”Only a Matter of Time”

The CEO of Motorola today said that it isn't a question of if, but when Apple will release its first smartphone.

What Mac OS X Tiger Means for Handheld Users

Apple recently released Mac OS X 10.4, which includes significant changes to iSync. This affects users of The Missing Sync, Mark/Space's synchronization software for various types of handhelds.

Apple Newton Users – A Religous Cult?

The Apple Newton has been dead so long; most current PDA owners have no idea what it is. The ill-fated product was a pioneer in the PDA world, with a[...]

What Does Apple Have Planned for Sept. 7?

The technology world is abuzz with speculation after Apple invited a group of journalists to a press event next week.

Steve Jobs Promises More Apple Phones

There will definitely be more phones coming from Apple, Inc, but will this company offer a smartphone?

Aerodrome Software Releases AeroPlayer 5.3 with AAC Support

Included in the new version of AeroPlayer is a new AAC plug-in that allows users to play music encoded with Apple's iTunes software.

PDA News – PPC phone rumors, Video iPod, Stowaway Bluetooth on WM5

Samsung i730, HTC Apache rumors Apple offers video-enabled iPod ThinkOutside updates Bluetooth drivers for WM5 Computerized breast implants possible, says analyst

Buy an Apple Newton, Help Hurricane Victims

An eBay seller is offering five Apple Newton MP2100 PDAs. The near mint units are being sold to benefit those affected by Hurricane Katrina. So pick up an old-school PDA,[...]

Apple PDA/Mini Notebook Rumors Back Again

Rumors of Apple getting into the PDA business or at least the tiny notebook business are back again. Depending on which Mac fan site you visit it's going to be[...]

Weekend PDA and Tech Deals

PalmOne Zire 31 for $90PalmOne Tungsten T5 for $278PalmOne Zire 21 $ Belkin Bluetooth CompactFlash Type II PDA adapter $18Apple IPod Shuffle 1GB + $15 ITunes For $130 Dell Home[...]

Start Your Own Apple Newton Museum

That's right, now is the time to get in on the exploding Apple Newton Museum business. The Newton Museum is closing its virtual doors and placing their entire collection of[...]