Apple 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Apple Articles for 2006

Latest Rumors on Apple’s Smartphone Plans

A trademark filing made by Apple, Inc. has set off another round of speculation that it plans to put out a mobile phone bearing its own brand.

Mac OS X Users Can Now Synchronize with Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

Mark/Space has just released an update to its popular synchronization software for Mac OS X that adds support for Pocket PCs and smartphones that run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

Apple Developing Some Kind of Wireless Device

A fresh burst of activity in the iPhone rumor mill was set off last week by the U.S. Patent Office giving Apple a patent on a casing for a wireless[...]

Mobile Tech News – Apple UMPC Rumors, Goodlink and PocketMirror Updates, Limited Edition FrogPad Black, and More

New Apple UMPC Rumors The Latest Version of GoodLink offers enhanced usability and accessibility Chapura Updates PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile 5.0 500 Limited Black FrogPad keyboards[...]

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Significantly Upgraded

Mark/Space has added many new features to its application for synchronizing Pocket PCs and WM Smartphones with computers running Mac OS X.

RIM and Apple Collaborating on an AppleBerry?

RIM has been very up-front about its plans to add multimedia features to its BlackBerry line. What this company isn't talking about, though, is the rumor that it is collaborating[...]

Palm CEO Not Worried About iPhone Rumors

Despite all the rumors Apple, Inc. is going to introduce a a combination phone and iPod in the near future, Palm's CEO isn't worried because he doesn't think the device[...]

Say Hello to the iPhone… from Linksys?

The long-awaited iPhone is now available; it just doesn't even vaguely resemble what people were expecting.

Possibly Some Real Evidence of the Apple iPhone

Some new evidence has emerged to back up the rumors that Apple, Inc. is gearing up to introduce some kind of iPod/phone combination.

Palm to be Bought by Apple?

Wall Street reporters are having a field day with a letter written by major Palm shareholder, Mark Nelson, calling for the sale of Palm to a larger company. That seems[...]

Apple At Least Considering an iPod Phone

Although not proof that Apple, Inc. is going to release a phone/iPod hybrid, there is some new evidence that this company is thinking along those lines.

Possible Confirmation of Apple iPhone

Supposedly, the fact that Apple is looking around for companies to produce its first mobile phone is an open secret in Taiwan.

PDA News – Apple phone, SlingPlayer mobile, Wrist-based mobile computer

Possible confirmation of Apple iPod phone Slingbox mobile client now available Brighthand: Palm must commit to Linux [...]

Apple iPhone Coming in January?

According to the latest rumors, an iPod/phone combination will debut at the MacWorld Expo in January. This will supposedly be followed up with more models in this series in subsequent[...]

The Latest Rumors of the Apple iPhone

For those who are still looking for more evidence that Apple will soon begin offering a device that combines the features of a phone and an iPod, the new iTunes[...]

Apple vs. Microsoft: Battle of the Music Phones Starting Next Year

The best evidence yet has emerged that Apple, Inc. is going to release a combination phone and iPod in the near future. And Microsoft's CEO said this week that his[...]

Microsoft Planning Its Own Music Phone

The first Zune player will just be able to handle audio and video, but that's just the start. The company has announced that it intends to release a Zune-branded phone[...]

Insider Throws Cold Water on Apple iPhone Rumors

According to a source who is supposedly an Apple employee, there's no truth to the rumor that Apple is going to put out a combination phone and iPod... at least[...]

Steve Ballmer Sees Nokia as Windows Mobile’s Only Real Competition

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dismissed many rival operating systems for smartphones as "niche players".

Where Do You Want To Go Tomorrow?

In his editorial, Adama D. Brown lays out his vision for the next generation of mobile devices.