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Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire

The new Palm Zire has been designed to appeal to entry-level users with its high-tech look and $99 price tag.

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 5450 Overview

We all know that saying about life and money, you get what you pay for, although usually it s used in a negative sense it can still apply[...]

T-Mobile Now Offering Sidekick

T-Mobile is now offering the first Danger Hiptop devices, which combine wireless web surfing, email, and a mobile phone at a price designed to appeal to consumers. T-Mobile will[...]

New Software Available for Palm OS 5

Updated Developers are releasing new versions of their applications to ensure compatibility with Palm OS 5, and even take advantage of the faster processors available on the new handhelds.

Turn your Palm OS PDA into a universal remote

Phillips has released software to turn any Palm OS PDA into a universal remote control. Sony has added remote control software to some of their more recent models, but this[...]

First Thoughts: Dell Axim X5 Overview update!

The time has arrived for many of those that have been waiting for months for the appearance of the Dell Axim. Today I got my hands on the Axim[...]

Don’t Flip Out – Kyocera to release the 7135 shortly

Kyocera is getting closer to releasing the anticipated 7135. The FCC has granted approval for the sale of the device in the US and now Kyocera is committing to a[...]

If you thought the Danger Hiptop (aka T-Mobile Sidekick) was going to meet your data and voice needs you re half right

Today T-Mobile began selling the Sidekick. The Sidekick is created by Danger, a Palo Alto, California based company. The device actually became a hot topic of conversation over a year[...]

New Palm software to tie together all your instant messanging clients

PDAapps has just released VeriChat for Palm based devices with internet connections like the Treo series and Kyocera 7135. Now you can bring your Yahoo!, MSN and AOL chat all[...]

TextMaker for Pocket PC Now Available

One of the most anticipated Pocket PC apps this year is now available, a word processor with features to rival one for a desktop or laptop.

MMC Cards Just Got Smaller

Updated A standard for half-sized MMC cards has been approved and the RS-MMC cards will begin appearing soon.

Sharp and IBM Developing New Zaurus Model

The Enterprise Edition Zaurus will be use Linux and IBM software to wirelessly tie in to a variety of enterprise applications.

New Sony SJ Series CLIES for September

It's another week and two more Clies appear to be on the release date horizon for the U.S. Today on Sony Australia the SJ20 and SJ30 Clie devices went up[...]

Palm Hopes to Spark De Zire

Palm hopes its new $99 Zire will appeal to first time buyers looking for an easy-to-use electronic address book and calendar.

Garmin to release Palm OS 5 GPS device powered by Motorola

Motorola has announced that Garmin International will use it's new second generation DragonBall MXL applications processor in their new familty of GPS devices.

Two New Palm PDA’s – It’s a High/Low Game

After appearing to shelve the Palm Oslo, it now looks that Palm has plans to release two new PDA's. One not-so-sexy entry-level PDA and one on the high-end featuring the[...]

REVIEW: Sony Clie SJ30

Sony has been working hard to make a Clie for everybody. This is readily apparent as the SJ30 marks their eighth, yes EIGHTH PDA this year. Don t think they[...]

BrightBytes™: iSync, BMW MINI, WeSync

Apple has released a beta of its synchronization app, BMW will integrate the iPaq into future MINIs, and WeSync is no longer accepting new subscribers.

Dell Axim shipments to be pushed back to 2003?

Something very odd is happenening at Dell right now. Their new line of Axim PDA's seems to be pushing further and further away from the horizon. Ship dates are now[...]

Apple’s iPod part PDA

Apple's iPod MP3 player gains a few simple PDA functions