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Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten T5

Shawn Barnett brings us this review of palmOne's latest high-end handheld, the Tungsten T5. This model has some innovative features, but it disappoints many long-time Palm OS enthusiasts.

Brighthand Reviews the Tapwave Zodiac

The first Palm OS device specifically designed for gaming, the Zodiac features a large screen, an analog joystick, and everything else necessary to make playing games fun. However, it can[...]

HP iPaq 6315 / iPaq 6310 Review

The HP iPaq 6300 series Pocket PC Phone is HP's first dive into the integrated phone and PDA market. The HP iPaq 6315 unit being sold in the U.S. includes[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Apple iPod mini

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes a look at the iPod mini, a small, lightweight device that lets you bring more than 60 hours of music -- approximately 1,000 songs --[...]

More Windows Mobile 2005 Details Emerge

A few more details have slipped out about the next version of Microsoft's operating system for Pocket PCs. This will include a revamp of the Pocket Office applications, as well[...]

RumorMill™: Details of Upcoming Apple Handheld

A Mac-related web site has what it claims is a description of a handheld that Apple will release this summer. Supposedly, it will offer a clamshell design, an internal hard[...]

palmOne Tungsten T5: Access Your Files in a Whole New Way

palmOne's Tungsten T5 will have some innovative features, including the ability to appear as a removable drive on any computer, but it will lack some of the features long-time Palm[...]

Dell Axim X50 Gets FCC Approval (Updated)

The FCC has given its approval for what will be Dell's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen. It is now certain that at least one version of this device[...]

The Laws of Technology

Postulates such as Moore's Law, Gene's Law and Metcalfe's Law appear to apply to handhelds too

RumorMill™: Yes, This IS the iPAQ h6300

Last month, a photo of the HP's upcoming iPAQ h6300 series appeared on the web. Though many people doubted its veracity, some additional information has emerged that essentially confirms that[...]

Skype for Palm OS Expected Next Month

Skype Technologies plans to release in October a Palm OS version of its application that allows users to make Skype voice calls for free using Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Apple PDA Rumors Stoked Again

Every few months it seems a requirement for the tech press to re-discuss the idea of Apple making a PDA. We all know Apple's been thinking about it, they'd be[...]

First Thoughts – Sony Clie TJ27 Short Review

The new

Does the palmOne Treo 650 Replace Treo 600? Not Exactly.

palmOne gets a little upset when people call the Treo 650 just an "evolution" of the Treo 600. They insist that it is indeed a step up the ladder[...]

palmOne Promises to Fix Treo 650 Memory Problem

After users complained that palmOne's latest smartphone couldn't hold as many applications and files as they expected, the company has quickly promised to deal with the problem.

Upcoming iPAQ hx2000 Series Will Have a Flipcover

It appears that HP designers have finally begun to listen to their customers, and a flipcover will soon be part of multiple iPAQ models.

Sony Clie TJ27 Full Review

The new Sony Clie TJ27 is here. It is a variation on the TJ25's basic theme and refreshes some the earlier models design features. It combines an elegant,[...]

Developers Dealing with the Problems of Windows Mobile SE

Although the latest version of this operating system has some great features, it can't run most current Pocket PC applications until they have been modified.

VoIP Now Available on Pocket PCs For Free

Thanks to a beta release of their Windows Mobile software, Skype Technologies is letting PPC users place phone calls using voice over IP (VoIP) for free. The only requirements are[...]

What Happened to the Treo 610?

A month or so ago, an unconfirmed report appeared on numerous handheld-related web sites that palmOne was planning to release an updated version of its popular Treo 600 smart phone.[...]