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palmOne Tungsten E2 Review

Best selling. Best value. Most popular with new users. Sounds more like the tag lines for the Toyota Camry than a handheld computer. But much like the[...]

Sony PSP First Thoughts Review (pics)

Ok, so it's not a PDA, notebook or a perfect fit for any of our family of sites, but the Sony PSP is a mobile device that is extremely popular,[...]

Apple iPod 5G / Video iPod Review (pics)

The Apple iPod 5G, more commonly known as the Apple iPod Video, is the most recent evolution of Apple's world famous MP3 player that combines the best aspects of each[...]

Nokia 6682 Review

A few weeks ago we brought you a review of the Nokia 9300, another Smartphone with similar goals as the 6682, but an entirely different approach. The 6682 is distinctly[...]

How to Listen to Podcasts on a Handheld

An iPod isn't necessary for listening to podcasts; there are applications that can download these online audio programs directly to a Palm or Pocket PC.

Will palmOne Become Another Apple?

At times, the comparisons between palmOne and Apple are almost startling. So Brighthand's Ed Hardy wants to know, will palmOne eventually end up where Apple is now?

A Preview of Windows Mobile 2005

A beta of the next version of Windows Mobile has leaked out. This shows that almost every application, control panel, and dialog box in the operating system will be improved[...]

Microsoft Proposes Two New Thumb-Driven User Interfaces

A team of Microsoft researchers have come up with AppLens and LaunchTile, two possible user interfaces that can be controlled entirely with a single thumb.

Brighthand Reviews FeederReader

The best Pocket PC application Brighthand's staff was able to find for downloading podcasts is FeederReader.

Is This palmOne’s Next High-End Handheld? (Updated)

A picture of what is supposedly an upcoming handheld from palmOne has appeared on the Web.

Another Possible Picture of palmOne LifeDrive

A new picture of what is supposed to be palmOne's next high-end handheld has appeared. This shows the device from several angles.

Software Companies Announce Support for Windows Mobile 5.0

Many software developers have moved quickly to say that their applications will support the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for handhelds and smartphones.

Run Palm OS Applications on a Pocket PC

StyleTap has released a public beta of an application that allows software originally written for Palm OS handhelds to run on Windows Mobile devices.

Computex: Unication Linux PDA / SmartPhone (pics, specs)

Unication was showing off a Linux OS PDA at Computex Taipei that had some very interesting features. Built-in VoIP phone capabilities (via 802.11b), an FM radio transmitter (for broadcasting[...]

Treo 700w Will Be Released in January

The online handheld software retailer Handango has leaked the approximate release date for the first Windows Mobile Treo.

Dell Will Offer Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades For the Axim X50

Dell has promised it will offer an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 for the Axim X50 family when the new operating system is released this fall. The new software is[...]

Sony Adds Web Browser to PSP – Is it a PDA Yet?

There was a ton of excitement when the PSP was released, a little more when people first found a hack in Wipeout that allowed rudimentary web browsing. In the latest[...]

AvantGo Gets a Major Upgrade

iAnywhere Solutions has just released a new version of one of the most popular handheld and smartphone applications of all time. All AvantGo users will see significant changes, whether they[...]

FCC Releases Then Removes Tungsten E2 Info

The palmOne Tungsten E2 appeared briefly on the FCC web site yesterday, but has since been removed. Still, it was available long enough for a number of significant details to[...]

New Dell Axim Series Gets Bluetooth Approval

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval for Dell to release the Axim X51/X51v series.