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Facebook Slingshot Review: Communication Breakdown

Facebook's latest social connector is Slingshot, a photo sharing app that puts a unique, and often frustrating, spin on the Snapchat way of communicating.

Best Android Apps: Chrome Remote Desktop

Google's official remote desktop solution has its faults, but it still provides a supremely smooth way to surf your home computer from an Android phone.

Microsoft Office Mobile Now Completely Free for iPhone and Android

Microsoft Office Mobile is now free to use for those with iPhone and Android phones. The software has previously required a subscription to Office 365, but that's no longer the[...]

Best Android Apps: cloudGOO

The cloudGOO Android app addresses a problem common to many smartphone owners by serving as a central hub for disparate cloud storage accounts from the likes of Dropbox, Amazon, Box,[...]

Using an iPhone to Pay at Starbucks? Think Twice.

In temporary log files, the Starbucks iPhone app has been storing user names, email addresses, location history, all unencrypted - information that shouldn't be there.

Facebook’s Paper for iPhone is the Best – Review

Facebook rolled out Paper for iPhone today, a wild new look for the social networking giant. Based on a gesture-rich interface, the app is the best version of Facebook yet.

Top 5: Best Olympics Apps for iPhone, Android

Wanna follow all the Olympic action, but don't have a TV handy? These apps will keep you in the loop.

Best iPhone Apps: Focus Keeper

Billed as "a timer that will track and increase your productivity without burnout," Focus Keeper is more than a simple stopwatch app.

Android Wear Review

Android Wear is Google's take on a wearable operating system, and it's based heavily on Google Now and Android's standard notifications. Is that enough to launch the wearable trend? Let's[...]

Best Android Apps: Speed Booster – Phone Cleaner

Speed Booster - Phone Cleaner, as its name would suggest, is an app that liven ups your phone's performance by locating and reducing unnecessary background tasks. We took it for[...]

Can You Really Work from a Smartphone with Microsoft Office Mobile?

Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS and Android is now free, but how useful is it on a small touchscreen? Can users actually work from their smartphones in a pinch?

CES 2014: Privacy Gets Attention in iPhone & Android Apps

With lots of smartphone users wanting to keep their locations and other personal data private, CES saw the launches of Marco Polo for iOS and SnoopWall for Android.

Best Windows Phone Apps: Files

An official file management app for Windows Phone users was long overdue, but Files is a convenient perk for anyone who has made the upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1.

Google Inbox Hands-on: Swiping Your Way to Inbox Zero

We take a quick tour of Inbox, Google's new stab at streamlining the way we get through our email.

Best Windows Phone Apps: FileEx

Microsoft has promised that its own file manager for Windows Phone 8.1 is coming soon, but the recently released FileEx app may have already rendered it unnecessary.

Google, Apple Block Flappy Bird Clones From Google Play, iOS App Stores

With the sudden and unexpected takedown of Flappy Bird from the major app stores, a number of developers have tried to jump in on the action - only to have[...]

Spy Agencies Allegedly Exploit “Leaky Apps” for End Users’ Personal Data

Could popular apps such as Angry Birds or Facebook tell the NSA your age, friends, and whether you're straight or gay?

Best iPhone Apps: smartSCAN

As one of the few free PDF converters available in the iOS App Store, smartSCAN allows users to turn any document into a PDF file with just their iPhone.

Best Android Apps: VSee

VSee is a video chatting app that works well over even the crummiest of connections. If you're fed up with Skype, it's worth a close look.

Best iPhone Apps: Google Docs

Google Drive's word processing functionality has been spun out into a new app called Google Docs. We take it for a spin and see if anything's changed.