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Popular Asus Articles for 2004

Brighthand Reviews the ASUS MyPal A716

The new MyPal A716 from ASUS does just about everything it can to deliver the features high-end handheld buyers want, including dual forms of wireless networking and two different types[...]

Asus MyPal A730 Preview from CeBIT (pics, specs)

With the upcoming Asus MyPal A730 Pocket PC and Asus MyPal A8100 Windows Mobile Smartphone, both of which will depend upon yet to be released Microsoft and Intel technologies, Asus[...]

The Wait for the ASUS A730w Is Finally Over

An online retailer in the U.S. has begin shipping the Wi-Fi version of the ASUS MyPal A730. This Pocket PC also has a VGA screen, two kinds of wireless networking,[...]

ASUS Developing Pocket PC with VGA Screen

According to a company spokesperson, ASUS plans to release in a few months a handheld with a 480-by-640-pixel display.

Pre-Orders Now Being Taken for MyPal A716

A web store is already taking pre-orders for ASUS's MyPal A716, a Pocket PC with multiple forms of wireless networking and dual memory-card slots.

Toshiba and ASUS Confirm Windows Mobile SE Updates for U.S.

Toshiba and ASUS have officially stated that they will release in the U.S. free Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition updates for their Pocket PC models.

PROPortable Taking Pre-orders for ASUS A730 with Wi-Fi

One of the most highly anticipated Pocket PCs of this year, the ASUS MyPal A730w, can now be pre-ordered. This model will have a VGA screen, two kinds of wireless[...]

ASUS Reveals More Details about Upcoming VGA Pocket PC

ASUS has issued a press release listing the products it intends to announce at the CeBIT trade show later this week, one of which is the MyPal A730.

ASUS P505 Gets FCC Approval

ASUS has received approval to release in the United States a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

ASUS Bumps Back Release of VGA Pocket PC

Although the ASUS A730 was expected to be available this summer, it now appears that the version of this device with built-in Wi-Fi won't be available until early fall.

Product Update – Asus A730 Pocket PC

Asus has given us an update of their highly anticipated A730 which features a 3.7" VGA display, Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It's on schedule to be released in[...]

New Japanese Pocket PC Raises Questions about Pocket Loox 720

A new Pocket PC from Fujitsu raises the possibility that the upcoming Pocket Loox 720 will simply be a rebranded version of a model ASUS announced months ago.

ASUS A730 Approved for Sale in the U.S.

The FCC has given ASUS permission to release in the U.S. the MyPal A730. This Pocket PCs includes a VGA display, dual slots, a built-in camera, and multiple forms of[...]

Will Casio’s Latest Pocket PC Be Released Outside Japan?

Casio's latest is the Cassiopeia DT-10 series, which will have a feature set similar to devices like the iPAQ hx4700 series and the ASUS A730. However, these models are unlikely[...]

Bluetooth-Only ASUS A730 Now Shipping

ASUS first announced the MyPal A730 back in March, but one version of this model is just now hitting hitting the market. Several companies are now shipping the Bluetooth-only version[...]

First Thoughts – Asus A730W (Pics, specs)

After months of delay, the dual-wireless version of the Asus A730 is finally shipping. Besides adding WiFi, the A730W also adds 128 MB of RAM and a cradle to the[...]

Upgrade an ASUS A716 to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has developed a way to give the ASUS MyPal A716 Pocket PC 128 MB of RAM. The standard model has 64 MB of RAM.

ASUS Releases Wi-Fi Update for A716

ASUS has posted on its support site an update for the MyPal A716 which fixes a small problem with its Wi-Fi software.

Upgrade an ASUS A620BT to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has just begun offering to upgrade the ASUS MyPal A620BT to 128 MB of RAM. This model currently offers 64 MB of RAM.

PDA News – Asus A730 pics, Loox 700 with pics, Faster Bluetooth

High res pics of Asus A730 Pocket Loox 700 series info, photos CSR builds faster Bluetooth chips