Bluetooth 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Bluetooth Articles for 2001

Bluetooth smiles on Microsoft mobile OS

Microsoft's next-generation operating system for mobile devices has passed a crucial test for Bluetooth compatibility, the software giant said Tuesday.

Bluetooth nibbles at wireless market

Bluetooth will be taking a slightly smaller bite out of the wireless-networking market than previously expected, according to new projections.

Ericsson to test Bluetooth in Japan

TOKYO--Ericsson will launch Internet and data services on a trial basis in Japan that use the Bluetooth short-

TDK releases Bluetooth device for Palm

TDK Systems Europe is shipping a Bluetooth-enabled device for Palm handhelds.

Palm m525 to boast built-in Bluetooth

Palm's follow-up to its m505 PDA, the m525, will connect to the outside world through a Bluetooth wireless link.

IBM reaffirms Bluetooth commitment

IBM has promised Bluetooth-integrated notebooks in the near future, reiterating its commitment to the wireless technology.

Bluetooth still teething

Consulting company Frost & Sullivan has downgraded its previous short-term forecasts for Bluetooth technology, blaming technical- and market-related issues for slow progress.

Palm unveils insertable Bluetooth wireless card

NEW YORK (AP) -- Palm Inc. unveiled an insertable card that would enable Bluetooth wireless connections between its popular handheld computers and other nearby devices equipped with the short-range technology

UPS to Deploy Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Network

United Parcel Service plans to deploy the world's largest wireless LAN and short-range wireless Bluetooth network throughout its worldwide distribution hubs. The project, which will cost slightly more than $100[...]

Palm bites into Bluetooth

The PDA (personal digital assistant) maker announced Thursday that by the end of the year a secure digital card supporting Bluetooth, the Palm Bluetooth Card, will be available for around[...]

Report shows lack of faith in Bluetooth

SINGAPORE--The majority of businesses polled by consulting company Frost & Sullivan say they have no plans to purchase products using the Bluetooth wireless data-transfer standard.

Surveys Suggest Bluetooth Is Finally Ready for Deployment

Two separate reports -- from mobile consultancy Mobile Lifestreams and research consultancy Frost & Sullivan -- indicate that the time has now arrived for Bluetooth technology to be deployed, after[...]