Bluetooth 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Bluetooth Articles for 2002

HP’s iPAQ 5400 Series Pocket PC: Bluetooth and WiFi

Updated HP's upcoming iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series combines a fast processor, fabulous color screen, built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b, and biometric security. What more could you ask for?

Brighthand Reviews the Tungsten T

Brighthand reviews Palm's latest handheld, the Tungsten T, which includes Palm OS 5, a high-res screen, Bluetooth, and more.

GPS Goes Bluetooth

Brighthand gets hands-on with the new Bluetooth GPS from EMTAC. We'll never get lost again!

Bluetooth Product Roundup

Updated Contributing writer Anthony Newman takes a look at several of the latest Bluetooth products and accessories on the market.

Instead of Making GPS smaller, Try Wireless – Bluetooth GPS En Route

Transplant Computing has released a GPS package designed to communicate with Palm OD PDA's via Bluetooth connection. Their creation makes perfect sense. Why try to jam GPS functionality into an[...]

Toshiba to Release Redesigned Bluetooth SD Card

Toshiba has announced that it will be releasing a Bluetooth SD card that is smaller and more energy efficient than its current one.

The first Bluetooth keyboard to be rollable?

Man and Machine, who is well known for their FX100 rollable keyboard may be releasing a Bluetooth version in the near future. PDA users rejoice, this could be the keyboard[...]

HP Confirms Mid-Range and High-End iPAQ Plans

HP plans to release two iPAQs before the holiday season: a thin and light mid-range model and a high-end one with 802.11 and Bluetooth.

What Ails Bluetooth?

It's hard to know where to begin with Bluetooth. So much has been written on this newly pervasive communication buzzword. Yet here is a technology that still has problems, especially[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM 857, Bluetooth GPS, Treo 270 in China

RIM is increasing the 857's memory, Socket is releasing a Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Pocket PC, the Treo 270 will soon be available in China, and more.

Details of the new HP iPAQ PDA’s slipping out Update!

We've added two new HP iPAQ's to the system, the iPAQ 3950 and the iPAQ 3970. The main difference is a bit more memory in the 3970 and integrated Bluetooth[...]

Sharp to unveil 3G PDA-type cell phone

Sharp Corp. will roll out a PDA (personal digital assistant)-style 3G (third-generation) cellular phone with Bluetooth capability as one of the key products of its business initiatives for 2002, the[...]

Palm Launches Tungsten Handhelds

Palm has officially announced the Tungsten T, with Bluetooth and Palm OS 5, and the Tungsten W, with GSM/GPRS.

Sony to Release Their Bluetooth Memory Stick Accessory in Europe

According to a German news source, Heise News, Sony will release the much anticipated memory stick Bluetooth card in Europe this month. We have included a rough translation, thanks to[...]

Free Pocket PC Software From HP

HP has released a free software for Pocket PC owners that will let you print to a variety of Bluetooth, network and other wireless printers. You can now send things[...]

Toshiba to release SD Bluetooth card soon!

Production on the Bluetooth SDIO card will begin in October. Samples are selling for around $100, but that may not be the final retail price.

Use SD Peripherals with Treo 90

Handspring has made available on its site an update which will allow the Treo 90 to use not just memory cards in its SD slot, but other peripherals too, including[...]

New Toshiba Pocket PC e740 due out in 1-2 weeks!

Toshiba may have hit one out of the park. With HPaq in somewhat dissaray, Toshiba is running through the door with new handhelds. The e310 that came out a few[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, Kyocera, ViewSonic, Bluetooth

Updated RIM has announced GSM/GPRS devices, Kyocera has renewed its Palm OS licence, and Microsoft is adding limited Bluetooth support to WinXP.

A Bluetooth Pen? Now we’re making progress…

OTM Technologies, a small company in Israel, is pioneering a new pen that will communicate with all Bluetooth enabled devices.