Bluetooth 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Bluetooth Articles for 2006

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Review

The Pearl is RIM's first smartphone with support for playing music and video, plus it has a built in camera. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief brings us a review of this smartphone.

Nokia E62 Review

Adama D. Brown tests out a new S60 smartphone now being offered by Cingular Wireless.

TORQ P120 Smartphone Review

If you're looking for a unique Windows Mobile 5 based smartphone, you should take a look at the TORQ P120. Not "subsidized" by any particular mobile provider, you can use[...]

Head-to-Head Review of Navigation Software for Palm OS

As many people get ready to travel during this holiday season, Brighthand forum moderator Magellan has a review comparing three Palm OS applications that provide GPS navigation.

CeBIT 2006: Asus P525 Windows Mobile Phone and GPS PDAs

Asus had on display a few of their recent PDA offerings and an upcoming VoIP integrated SmartPhone, the Asus P525. The P525 first showed up here at CeBIT 2006[...]

First Thoughts – Cingular 8125 Pocket PC phone

Cingular's new Pocket PC phone mixes EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 128 MB of memory in with a large keyboard and lightweight design.

Confirmation of the Pocket Loox N560… Mostly

Apparently, the Bluetooth Qualification Program has confirmed the existence of what will be the world's first GPS-enabled handheld with a VGA screen.

Mobile Tech News – HTC profits up, Dell ROM rumors, 320 MB iPAQ upgrade?

HTC profits up sharply Reports: Axim ROM upgrade coming soon iPAQ hx2790 may get 320 MB flash Dell to Microsoft: Fix Bluetooth

First Origami Ultra Mobile PCs Unveiled

Today, Intel officially announced the first three Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) that are part of the Origami Project.

Palm VP Promises Treo 700p Update

One of Palm's vice presidents has promised a software patch to fix some user's problems with the Treo 700p.

Another Sign the iPAQ rw6800 Series Drawing Closer

Another cellular-wireless Pocket PC has been approved by the Bluetooth SIG. Unlike most recent Pocket PC phones, it appears this one won't have a built-in keyboard.

Garmin Offering New GPS Add-on for Palms

Garmin has introduced a new GPS navigation system for Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS devices.

Cingular Unveils New 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering the Samsung BlackJack later this week. This will be a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and support[...]

Fossil Unveils Watch that Wirelessly Communicates with Phones

Fossil, Inc. has just announced the Caller ID wristwatch. This analog/digital watch will use Bluetooth wireless networking to allow users to view incoming caller ID information, as well as perform[...]

Palm Offers Plenty of Treo 700w Accessories

A Bluetooth headset and a Wi-Fi card are among the peripherals Palm is offering for its latest smartphone.

Best Look So Far at HTC’s Next ”Uber” Device

New pictures are available of what is supposedly an upcoming cellular-wireless handheld from HTC with a unique design.

MVOX MV900 Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, takes a look a the MV900, a portable high-end speakerphone that's usable with virtually any device featuring Bluetooth or USB.

CeBIT 2006: Gigabyte G-Smart i SmartPhone

Gigabyte had on display their G-Smart i at CeBIT this past week. Awful name for what looks like a pretty cool Windows Mobile 5 based phone. This is[...]

Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset Review

Ed Hardy tried out an innovative wireless headset from Motorola and found it to be impractical in real-world use.

Cingular Now Offering Two New Windows Mobile Devices

The Cingular 8525 and BlackJack are now available from Cingular Wireless. Both of these run Windows Mobile, but one is a Pocket PC phone while the other is a WM[...]