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Why You Should Install iOS 8.1.1 on Your iPhone 4s

Doubtless some users of the aging iPhone 4s are nervous about installing the new iOS 8.1 update, but our testing indicates that doing so is both safe and practical.

Microsoft Office Mobile Now Completely Free for iPhone and Android

Microsoft Office Mobile is now free to use for those with iPhone and Android phones. The software has previously required a subscription to Office 365, but that's no longer the[...]

Moms, Dads, & Grads: What Is the Best Smartphone?

Smartphones are not all alike, nor are smartphone users. Subtle differences in the design, UI, and services make some smartphones better suited for certain tasks than others, while the demands[...]

Can You Really Work from a Smartphone with Microsoft Office Mobile?

Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS and Android is now free, but how useful is it on a small touchscreen? Can users actually work from their smartphones in a pinch?

What Does Windows Phone 8.1 Mean for Business?

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 has a host of business-minded goodies for IT departments. What will that mean for business users? No more smartphone camera?

AT&T Reveals Asus PadFone X Specs

AT&T has revealed the specs for Asus' forthcoming phone-tablet hybrid, the PadFone X. Pricing and availability details are still up in the air, however. Video

Best Windows Phone Apps: Collaborate

There are plenty of whiteboard apps and web services available for collaboration and sharing, so what makes Collaborate one of the best Windows Phone apps? It’s simple, easy to use,[...]

Best Android Apps: Pushbullet

Pushbullet erases the middlemen that may exist between your phone and your desktop, and its most recent update has brought phone-free texting to the masses. It's our latest app of[...]

Best iPhone Apps: FoxScanner

FoxScanner is an efficient document scanning app that lets you convert your papers to PDF files with your iPhone's camera, among other tricks.

Why Apperian Matters for SMBs

Apps lacking security features such as encryption, VPN, and authentication may pose a threat to businesses with employees accessing sensitive data over these apps.

Why Did Google and Symantec Acquire Divide and NitroDesk?

Google and Symantec have acquired Divide and Nitrodesk, respectively, which means the companies must have plans in store for their enterprise app offerings.

Android 5.0 is Official, and It’s Called Lollipop

Android 5.0 is here, and it's officially named Lollipop. Here's what's coming in the big update, and which devices will be receiving it in the coming weeks.