CDMA 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular CDMA Articles for 2002

New Wireless Pocket PC Developed by HTC

The FCC has released some information on a new Pocket PC Phone Edition device that uses CDMA wireless networks. It also includes a GPS receiver.

Samsung i330 Palm OS Smartphone Now Available

Samsung has finally made the i330 smartphone available for purchase. This Palm OS smartphone can connect to high-speed CDMA 1XRTT wireless networks.

Samsung Announces i330 Smartphone

Samsung has officially announced an updated version of its Palm powered CDMA smartphone.

Handspring Treo 300 Released! (Pictures)

Sprint today announced that its CDMA 2000 wireless network, being touted as PCS Vision will be available starting next week. The Handspring Treo 300 will run on the new[...]

A new Samsung? You bet, the I330 is on it’s way, maybe

Building on the momentum from its popular I300, Samsung is rumored to be releasing a sexier unit with a brighter screen this summer. Details are thin, but PDAFrance and Palm[...]