CDMA 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular CDMA Articles for 2006

Motorola Q Review

Brian Beeler brings us this review of a Windows Mobile Smartphone that offers the combination of cutting-edge design and a relatively price.

Rumor – GSM Version of Motorola Q Cancelled

According to French website Mobinaute, Motorola has confirmed that the Motorola Q has been cancelled in Europe and the only model that will see the light of day is the[...]

What’s the Difference Between the Two Types of Windows Mobile?

Many of the most popular smartphones bear the Windows Mobile logo, but anyone considering buying one of these should be aware that there are two very different versions of Windows[...]

Mobile Tech News – Axim not dead, Windows Mobile roadmap, Motorola Q sighted

Dell: Axim line not dead Sketchy picture of Microsoft's next two versions of Windows Mobile Motorola Q smartphone sighted on Verizon website

Mobile Tech News – Verizon cracks down, Google Wi-Fi, 16 GB CompactFlash

Verizon plans crackdown on EVDO users Google, Earthlink to run San Francisco Wi-Fi net Patriot shows off 16 GB CompactFlash card, 8 GB SD[...]

Mobile Tech News – Wi-Fi Battle, Sprint EVDO Upgrade, Wireless Broadband

BellSouth to New Orleans: shut down free WiFi Sprint plans for EVDO Revision A Rogers Canada to offer 1.5 Mbit wireless broadband 1SRC mocks us

PDA News – Treo contoversy, Ultra-wide band Bluetooth, Universal WiFi?

Claim: Low memory cripples Treo 700w Bluetooth SIG adopts Ultra-wide band standard WiFi almost everywhere in five years, says company; Google publishes new patents Miniature Pocket PC[...]

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

RIM Blackberry 8700 Comes to Verizon

A member of the BlackBerry 8700 series of cellular-wireless handhelds is now available to Verizon Wireless' customers. This is the first CDMA member of this series, and it offers support[...]

Motorola Q May Be Delayed

A highly-anticipated Windows Mobile Smartphone might be released later than expected.

Verizon Supposedly Launching Black Motorola Q Next Week

Verizon intends to introduce a black version of the Motorola Q in just a few days, according to an unconfirmed report.

Treo 700wx Comes to Alltel

A mid-tier U.S. carrier, Alltel Wireless, in now offering the Palm Treo 700wx, a Pocket PC phone.

Nokia Losing Interest in CDMA

The world's largest phone maker has announced that it is essentially getting out of the business of making phones for CDMA cellular-wireless networks.

Motorola Q Comes to Bell Canada

Bell Canada is now offering the Motorola Q, a Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and EV-DO support.

Motorola Q Not Cancelled, Just Really Late

A report from Engadget citing a "highly reliable source" claims the Motorola Q is definitely coming to market but not until April. And that's just the CDMA version slated for[...]