CDMA 2011 SmartPhone Articles

Popular CDMA Articles for 2011

Verizon’s iPhone Unable to Make Calls Outside of the U.S.

Those considering getting Verizon's version of the Apple iPhone 4 should consider that this model will not be able to make calls in Europe or much of the rest of[...]

Sprint in Talks to Buy T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom AG, which owns T-Mobile USA, is in talks to sell its unit to Sprint Nextel Corporation under the condition that DT is given a major stake in the[...]

Rugged Motorola Titanium to Offer Sprint Direct Connect

If you're a fan of push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities and are in the market for a rugged smartphone, we have some good news for you: Sprint has officially unveiled its Motorola[...]

HTC Trophy to be Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7 Model

Promotional posters and now in-the-wild pictures have confirmed the existence of the first Windows 7 Phone for Verizon: the HTC Trophy. The Trophy is rumored to debut at some point[...]

Sprint Phasing out iDEN Network with Intro of Sprint Direct Connect

Sprint is expanding its push-to-talk capabilities with Sprint Direct Connect, a feature of the carrier's new Network Vision. This expansion, however, means the end of the iDEN network that Sprint[...]

HTC EVO 3D Headed for Europe

Rumors about the HTC EVO 3D going across the pond have been confirmed, as its maker announced today that the glasses-free 3D handset will be arriving in Europe this summer.

Sprint to Bring Customers Google Voice Integration

Sprint and Google announced at CTIA today that they will be teaming up to bring the wireless carrier's customers an integrated Google Voice experience.