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HTC ThunderBolt Hands-on Preview

The HTC ThunderBolt is going to be one of the world's first LTE-equipped smartphones, and is poised to become Verizon's new flagship model. HTC was demonstrating this upcoming device at[...]

Motorola Droid Bionic to Feature Verizon 4G Support

Another member of Motorola's Droid family is on the way, and it's an LTE smartphone. Verizon made an announcement for the Droid Bionic at CES today, offering more information than[...]

Verizon Could Be Prepping Three 4G Smartphones for a CES Debut

Verizon has promised to unveil the first smartphones with support for its LTE network this week. Despite this carrier's best attempts at keeping these devices under wraps, quite a few[...]

CES 2011 Brought a Wave of 4G Android OS Smartphones

The 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show has finished up, and this year, no less than eleven smartphones were unveiled. All of these are going to be high-end models[...]

Smartphones with 4G, Dual-Core Processors, and More Expected at CES 2011

The next Consumer Electronics Show is coming in early January, and a number of new Android OS smartphones are expected to be unveiled at this gigantic tradeshow, and maybe a[...]

HTC ThunderBolt To Be One of Verizon’s First 4G Smartphones

An ad in this month's Rolling Stone magazine has given the world a sneak peek at the HTC ThunderBolt, an upcoming smartphone with support for Verizon's LTE network. The official[...]

HTC EVO Shift 4G Now Available from Sprint

Sprint has introduced a new smartphone that supports its WiMAX network. The HTC EVO Shift 4G runs Google's Android OS 2.2, and has a sliding keyboard, 3.6-inch display, and 5[...]

Microsoft CEO Promises Windows Phone 7 Improvements

During a keynote address at the CES tradeshow, Steve Ballmer laid out some of his company's plans for Windows Phone 7. This smartphone operating system is going to get support[...]

Quad-Core Smartphones Dominated Mobile World Congress 2012

Mobile World Congress is wrapping up in Barcelona, and Brighthand's European correspondent brings us his picks for the most important announcements made at this annual smartphone tradeshow.

HTC Starts Giving Out Details on its Next 4G Smartphone

HTC has started a "teaser" advertising campaign for a smartphone it's going to officially announce later this week. So far, some of its high-end features have been revealed, such as[...]

Verizon Prepping 4G Smartphones from Samsung and LG

Two next-generation smartphones from LG and Samsung were revealed at CES yesterday during Verizon's presentation on its 4G LTE network. The LG Revolution and the Samsung i500 were two of[...]

Windows Phone 7 Could Be Coming to Verizon Soon

Strong clues are pointing toward the first Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon being released earlier than initially thought, as Verizon-compatible applications have already begun to pop up in Microsoft's[...]

HTC ThunderBolt to Spearhead a Generation of 4G LTE Smartphones

The HTC ThunderBolt was unveiled today, and as part of Verizon's lineup of 4G devices, it will be one of the world's first LTE smartphones. This device is going to[...]

HTC EVO Shift 4G Briefly Listed for Sale on Amazon.com

Although the HTC EVO Shift 4G has not yet been officially announced, this Android OS smartphone is expected to debut very soon. The latest evidence of this was a listing[...]

LG Optimus Black Will Be a Slim Smartphone with a NOVA Display

LG revealed the Optimus Black at CES today, and among this Android OS smartphone's features will be a 4-inch NOVA display, available for the first time on a mobile device[...]

Dell Venue Smartphone Unveiled at CES 2011

Instead of continuing to ride the fine line between smartphone and tablet as it did with the Streak, Dell picked a side and announced the Venue, an Android-based smartphone, at[...]

Verizon iPhone Could Be a 4G Device

The arrival of a Verizon iPhone is not only imminent, as many have previously speculated, but the device may also be 4G ready. This smartphone will reportedly support Verizon's new[...]

AT&T Pre-announces Three Android OS Smartphones with 4G

AT&T has revealed some of the details on a trio of cutting-edge smartphones. These devices will all run Google's Android OS, and support this carrier's HSPA+ network. Two of these[...]

Verizon’s First 4G Smartphone Will Almost Certainly Be the Motorola Olympus

Verizon has strongly suggested that its first smartphone with LTE will be made by Motorola. This device is likely to be the Motorola Olympus, a high-end Android OS smartphone, which[...]

Sprint Announces HTC EVO Shift 4G

Sprint's 4G family just got a little bigger today when the wireless carrier officially announced an addition to its second generation of WiMAX-enabled devices, the HTC EVO Shift 4G. This[...]