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CES 2013: Sony Xperia Z and ZL Preview

Here at CES, we got some time to go hands-on with Sony's latest Android smartphone offerings, the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL.

CES 2013: Lenovo K900 Intel-powered Smartphone Preview

One of Lenovo's biggest announcements at CES 2013 is the K900, a smartphone based on an Intel Atom processor, not the usual ARM one. We go hands-on.

VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Preview

The Xperia Z will be Sony's flagship smartphone, and will boast features like a 5-inch Retina touchscreen and 13 MP camera. Learn more about it in this video preview.

CES 2013: Samsung ATIV Odyssey Hands-On Preview

The ATIV Odyssey, Samsung's Verizon-exclusive Windows Phone 8 device, was on hand for inspection at CES this week, so we took it for a test drive.

Samsung Reveals Flexible Youm Display Technology at CES

Samsung showed off its new flexible OLED technology (called Youm) at CES this week in Las Vegas. The Korean manufacturer demonstrated its new tech with a number of concepts seen[...]

CES 2013: Samsung Gives Windows Phone 8 ATIV Odyssey Official Reveal at CES

Samsung finally provided us with hard-and-fast specs at CES today for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 device, the ATIV Odyssey, which will launch "in the coming weeks."

CES 2013: Intel & Partners Ready New Smartphones Based on Two Atom Chipsets

At CES, Intel detailed plans for smartphones based on "Lexington" and "Clover Trail+' Atom chips. Intel also talked up intentions for future ultrabook and AIO PCs.

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Smartphone Processor Unveiled at CES

Samsung has just raised the bar on what to expect from a smartphone chip. The newly-announced Exynos 5 Octa will include a startling 8 processor cores.

Verizon Introduces New Share Everything Data Plans for Small and Large Businesses

Verizon has unveiled its new Share Everything Data plans for business users. The two plans that are suited around small and large business users will be the first of their[...]

New Details Emerge on the ZTE Nubia Z5 and Grand S

New details have surfaced for the ZTE Nubia Z5 and Grand S. The two new handsets appear to have more in common as more rumored specs surface.

CES 2013: Windows Phone 8 Coming to Sprint This Summer

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform will finally be making its way to Sprint, the last of the four major US carriers, come this summer.

Samsung, Corning Promise Tougher Screens Are on the Way

Screen breakage remains a major problem for smartphones, but Samsung and Corning are looking to fix that.

Huawei Goes Big With Ascend Mate And Ascend D2

It looks like Huawei is aiming to make a big splash in the smartphone market this year, as the company took the stage at CES to show off two new[...]

CES 2013: Preview of Smart Body Analyzer for Mobile Health Management

At CES 2013, show goers will get sneak peeks at Smart Body Analyzer, a system for managing your weight and heart rate, along with air quality, from your smartphone.

Wilson Electronics Introduces Sleek 4G Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics has introduced a new signal booster at CES 2013, showcasing the Sleek 4G, which will be the first of the company's products to work interchangeably on all U.S.[...]

Press Shot of Sony Xperia Z ‘Yuga’ and ZL ‘Odin’ Hits the Web

Two of Sony's upcoming Xperia smartphones, the Z "Yuga" and the ZL "Odin" made their first appearances on the company's Japanese website on New Year's Day.

The Wait for the Pebble Smartwatch Is Almost Over

Want to check incoming emails, texts, etc. without having to pull out your smartphone? Then the Pebble watch might be right for you. Announced last year, it's about to launch.

Apple iPhone Finally Coming to T-Mobile in 3-4 Months

When T-Mobile revealed last month that it will, at long last, be getting the iPhone, it was vague about exactly when. In an interview at CES, the telecom's CEO was[...]

Qualcomm Unveils Next-Generation Snapdragon Mobile Processors

Qualcomm introduces its next generation of Snapdragon mobile processors. Qualcomm claims that the new chips boast impressive new speeds and should help to greatly improve mobile performance in future devices.[...]

Nvidia Reveals Project Shield Mobile Gaming Platform at CES

Nvidia has revealed Project Shield. Equipped with a Tegra 4, processor Project Shield will look to provide a new and open gaming platform that allows gamers to enjoy the mobile[...]