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T-Mobile Commits to Launching 4G LTE Service Next Year

T-Mobile has just announced that it is going to upgrade its cellular-wireless data network so it can offer 4G LTE service. This should significantly improve the speed and bandwidth of[...]

Verizon Strongly Implies iPhone 5 Will Have 4G LTE

Verizon has once again committed to only offering smartphones with 4G LTE service for the rest of this year. This almost certainly means that the next iPhone will have LTE.[...]

5G Is Coming, But Not Soon

Everyone wants a faster connection to the Internet, and 5G cellular-wireless networks promise that. But they won't be as soon as some might hope.

Study Reveals Who Has the Fastest 4G and 3G Service

Although there are a range of factors that can be used to compare wireless carriers, one of the more popular ones is speed. Is AT&T's LTE service faster than Verizon's?[...]

Report: Customer Satisfaction with Cell Phone Manufacturers and Wireless Carriers Slips Slightly

A study performed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) showed that customer satisfaction with phones and with wireless service providers slipped slightly in the last year.

Verizon Begins Easing Customers Out of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon's switch over to its new shared data plans -- which happened this morning -- marks the beginning of the end for those of its subscribers who still have an[...]

Verizon Wireless Must Allow Free Tethering After FCC Ruling

Thanks to a ruling by the FCC, a large number of Verizon Wireless customers will once again be able to tether freely, without having to pay a monthly fee to[...]

T-Mobile Launches Truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plan

Staying true to its word, T-Mobile has introduced a truly unlimited 4G data plan across the country, targeting consumers tired of paying for tiered data from larger carriers like Verizon[...]

Verizon Completely Ending Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon Wireless is planning to remove the $30 per month unlimited data plan that it still provides to 3G customers who were "grandfathered" into it. The carrier stopped offering this[...]

AT&T Retirement of 2G Network Will Benefit 3G/4G Networks

AT&T Wireless has begun retiring its old 2G network, which is almost a decade old, freeing up spectrum that will be used by its 3G and growing 4G network.

Consumers Love Them, Carriers Hate Them; Why Smartphone Subsidies are Here to Stay

Off-hand comments often give us some great insight into how a company really feels vs. its public position. Case in point: the chief marketing officer for T-Mobile USA let it[...]

Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Get Android 4.0, Global Roaming

Verizon has started sending out the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX. In addition to other improvements, this also enables global roaming[...]

AT&T’s Mobile Share vs. Verizon’s Share Everything

AT&T and Verizon now allow multiple devices to share a single data plan, including smartphones and tablets. But which carrier has the better option?

Verizon’s LTE Coverage Will Match 3G Coverage by mid-2013

Verizon Wireless will finish the nationwide rollout of its 4G LTE network by the middle of 2013, covering as much of the U.S. as its current 3G footprint.

Sprint Launches Super-Fast 4G LTE Network in Select Cities

Sprint has launched its 4G LTE network today, with 15 cites surrounding the Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio markets set to receive the high-speed coverage.

Smartphone and Tablet Users Are Still Frustrated with Slow Mobile Download Speeds

Keynote Competitive Research shared results of its nationwide mobile user survey, revealing important insights depicting consumer mobile web experiences.

T-Mobile Has Dropped Its Cheapest Data Plan

T-Mobile has quietly stopped offering its most affordable wireless data plan. The plan, which cost just $10 month, allowed users to transfer a very small amount of data in a[...]

Solar Storm Will Disrupt GPS, but What About Cell Phones?

The Earth was hit with a massive solar storm early this morning, but what does that mean for cell phone and other wireless tech devices?

T-Mobile Says Next iPhone Might Support its 3G/4G Service… Maybe

Earlier this week, a T-Mobile executive made a statement that implied that the next-generation iPhone is going to support the AWS frequency bands that his company uses provide 3G and[...]

T-Mobile Introducing a Truly Unlimited Data Plan

Reversing a trend in the phone industry, T-Mobile has just announced that it will soon begin offering a wireless service plan with unlimited data. The company promises no caps, no[...]