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Sprint Pay As You Go Unlimited Prepaid Plans Confirmed

Sprint will soon provide commitment-shy customers with its own brand of prepaid wireless service, as the carrier has confirmed that it will launch Sprint As You Go, a monthly-payment plan[...]

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Getting Upgraded with 4G LTE

T-Mobile is releasing a significant software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which will activate support for the company's 4G LTE network.

LTE Subscribers to Hit 200 Million Mark in 2013

Despite hitting the market just three years ago, Long Term Evolution (LTE) is expected to reach 200 million subscribers this year, doubling its current levels in 2012, according to a[...]

Smartphones Trump Tablets: Analysis of Mobile Data Reveals New Challenges for Telecoms

Despite the increasing popularity of tablets among consumers, smartphone users have consistently consumed more mobile data than tablet owners for the first time, according to a new report from network[...]

Verizon Introduces New Share Everything Data Plans for Small and Large Businesses

Verizon has unveiled its new Share Everything Data plans for business users. The two plans that are suited around small and large business users will be the first of their[...]

FaceTime Can Now Be Used on All AT&T Tiered Data Plans

Since Apple gave FaceTime the ability to work over a cellular connection, AT&T has been slowing adding support for this feature. Today, the telecom announced that everyone who has a[...]

Are You Being Charged Too Much For Subsidies?

Carrier subsidies and contracts have long been the accepted payment structure for wireless service. But now that there are other options, should you make the switch?

How Do the 4G LTE Networks of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint Stack Up?

While Verizon offers the most widespread LTE coverage, AT&T offers the fastest pure LTE speeds, according to a new study conducted by Root Metrics.

FaceBook App Offers Free Voice Calls

FaceBook has begun offering free voice calls through its messenger app for iPhone users in the United States. While it's difficult to argue with free features, does this addition seem[...]

AT&T Introducing Mobile Share Plans for Big Spenders

AT&T is about to introduce three new Mobile Share plans for those want to use a lot of wireless data, and aren't adverse to paying a lot for it.

J.D. Power Says You’ll Be Happier with a 4G Phone, But It Will Cost You

As mobile phone technology rapidly increases, it can be difficult for consumers to determine whether or not and when they should upgrade their smartphones to the newest models and network[...]

T-Mobile Introduces GoSmart Mobile Brand with No-Contract Wireless Service

GoSmart Mobile is a new brand being offered by T-Mobile. It offers a range of wireless service plans with requiring service contracts.

T-Mobile Now Offering New Contract-Free Pricing Plans

T-Mobile unveiled its new contract-free pricing plans. The plans offer unlimited talk and text, and now are available to T-Mobile consumers as part of the telecom's "Uncarrier" initiative.

Sprint 4G LTE Coming Soon to New York, San Francisco, Florida

It won't be long before Sprint's new high-speed data service is available in New York City, San Francisco, and other locations in the U.S.

NSA Call Data Collection Not Limited to Verizon Wireless

Not long after news broke that the NSA has been collecting call records from Verizon, the WSJ now reports that data is also being collected from AT&T, Sprint, and other[...]

AT&T Is Acquiring Regional Carrier Alltel

AT&T is buying Alltel, a small wireless carrier that offers service in a handful of states, mostly in the South and Midwest.

T-Mobile Talks 4G LTE, Unlimited 4G Data Plan, Nationwide HD Voice at CES

During its CES 2013 press conference, T-Mobile gave an update on its promised new LTE network, unveiled a new unlimited data plan, and detailed its upgraded HD Voice coverage. TechnologyGuide[...]

T-Mobile To Begin Rolling Out 4G LTE Network This Month

T-Mobile plans to begin offering LTE coverage before the end of this month. Rivals Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint aleady have LTE networks. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.