Dell 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Dell Articles for 2003

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X3i

Dell continues to raise the value bar by bringing us the first Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC under $400.

Review – Dell Axim X3

When the original Dell Axim X5 debuted about 11 months ago, it stuck new price points and won supporters and detractors the world over. Love it or hate it, Dell's[...]

Mini Review: Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 (Pictures)

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 is a PDA that offers:Portrait or landscape mode where the screen resolution is 640x480 SecureDigital slot + CompactFlash slot Clamshell design with a rotating[...]

Dell Axim X3 – First Look With High Res Images

**Update** Dell will not release the specs on the X3 today. Here they are, be patient as the photos are high res and will take a little time to load.

How Low Can PDA Prices Go?

Brighthand editor-in-chief Ed Hardy explores the trend towards plunging prices in the handheld industry, which began when Dell entered the market a year ago.

Dell Axim X3 Details Leaked (Picture), a Polish website, is reporting some details on the upcoming Dell Axim X3. They have also posted a vector based graphic of the Axim X3, we can only[...]

RumorMill™: Dell Axim X3 Coming Mid-October

Supposedly, Dell will release in the middle of October a pair of slim handhelds with just a single SD/MMC slot. A model with built-in Wi-Fi is expected some time after[...]

Dell Axim X3 Specs, Pictures and User Guide (Pics, Specs)

The Dell Axim X3 specs were a mystery yesterday. Today we have the user guide and pictures of the Axim X3 inside, outside, upside, rightside...well you get the idea.[...]

Axim X3 Series Officially Announced

Though details are still somewhat sketchy, Dell has said it will release later this year the Axim X3 line, which will be made up of three models that are smaller[...]

Axim X3 Series Gets FCC Approval

Updated The FCC has given Dell approval to release a new series of Pocket PCs in the US, bringing to light new information about these devices.

Review: Rhinoskin Hard Case for Dell Axim

Protect your investment keep it covered. I ve had my Dell Axim for about six months now, and I take it with me wherever I go. [...]

Dell to Release Wireless Handheld Next Year

Good Technologies and Dell are collaborating to create wireless Pocket PC handhelds. The first of these should be available in 2004.

So Where Are the New Axims?

Dell company executives were willing to talk last year about upcoming Axim models. Now many are wondering when these will be available.

Dell Reduces Prices on Axim Line

The Axim X5 Basic and Advance have had their list prices permanently cut by as much as 20%. The company is also offering a 10% reduction off these new[...]

Dell Launches Axim X3

Orders are now being taken for Dell's latest series of Pocket PCs. These are smaller than its previous Axim X5 series, have a single SD slot, and one model has[...]

Hackers Delay Release of Fix for Dell Axim

Though Dell tried to give people a patch that would return their Axim X5 models to their normal speed, the company has withdrawn it after hackers found a way to[...]

REVIEW: ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC

On today's plate for review is the ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC. I've been playing with this for some time now and have been able to compare it to the Dell[...]

Upcoming Axim to Offer Multiple Wireless Options

Dell is developing a Pocket PC that will include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the ability to connect to 2.5G wireless networks.

RumorMill™: New Axim Models Coming Thursday

Dell is expected to announce two new Pocket PCs this week, one of which will have built-in Wi-Fi.

Dell Drops Smart Phone Plans

Though Dell was once looking into possibly releasing a smart phone running Windows Mobile, reportedly these plans have been dropped.