Dell 2004 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Dell Articles for 2004

Dell Axim X50 and X50v Review

Like previous Dell Axims, the new Axim X50 comes in several different types. The most cutting-edge of these is designated the X50v, for its VGA screen.

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X30

The Axim X30 is an updated version of one of Dell's earlier models, the X3i. Like its predecessor, the new model offers Wi-Fi and a good amount of memory in[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X50v

Dell's first Pocket PC with a VGA display has just been officially revealed to the world. This model offers an impressive feature set for an affordable price.

Dell Axim X30 Review

The Dell Axim X30, Dell's newest Pocket PC and successor to the X3i, packs a 624 MHz PXA270 processor, dual wireless, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition into a single[...]

Roadtrip with a Dell GPS Navigation System

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes one of Dell's latest accessories for a real "road test."

Dell Bluetooth GPS Review

Hot on the heels of their successful Bluetooth-enabled Axim X30 line, Dell is launching a set of Bluetooth peripherals aimed at the Pocket PC market, starting with a Bluetooth GPS[...]

When Will Windows Mobile Second Edition Updates Be Available?

The latest information on when -- and if -- HP, Dell, and Toshiba will release Windows Mobile Second Edition updates for current models.

No Windows Mobile SE Upgrades? No Big Deal

Thanks to several third-party products, the lack of upgrades for current iPAQ and Axim models isn't such a big deal.

Dell Axim X50 Gets FCC Approval (Updated)

The FCC has given its approval for what will be Dell's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen. It is now certain that at least one version of this device[...]

PDA News – Axim X50 rumors, Tungsten T5 pics & specs, Tungsten OS upgrade?

Rumor: Dell Axim X50 Reported Tungsten T5 pics and specs Tungsten T3 to get Cobalt upgrade?

RumorMill™: Dell Developing VGA Pocket PC

Evidence has emerged that Dell will be using a 640-by-480-pixel screen in an upcoming Axim model.

HP iPaq New Devices Revealed

Dell was able to keep the Axim X30 under wraps until the week of the release without any leaks, HP is apparently not so good at covering things up as[...]

Better Pictures of Dell Axim X50 Appear on Web

Some new pictures have been posted on a Russian web site that confirm that Dell's upcoming Pocket PC with a VGA screen will look like the leaked pictures that have[...]

FCC Approves Axim X3i with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Dell now has permission to release in the U.S. a version of the Axim X3i with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A version of this model with just Wi-Fi was[...]

No Windows Mobile SE Upgrades for Older iPAQs or Axims

In a pair of announcements that will surely disappoint many, both HP and Dell have made it clear that they will not release Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Second[...]

Dell’s First Cellular-Wireless Device Expected Next Year

Dell will reportedly release a device similar to the Treo 600 early in 2005.

Axim X50 May Be Coming in October

It has been clear since this spring that Dell is putting together its first Pocket PC with a VGA screen. Now, a rumor gives some additional details about this model.

palmOne Shares Soar on Dell Acquisition Rumor

Shares of palmOne rose more than 12% yesterday based on rumors that Dell is interested in acquiring the Milpitas, CA handheld device maker.

Dell Axim X50 Release Date – September 24th

While Dell has asked for details of the new X50 to be hidden until it's released, the FCC released very primitive information, including a picture, about the X50 late Friday[...]

palmOne May Be Making a Windows Mobile Smartphone for Dell

According to rumor, palmOne is going to develop a Windows Mobile version of the Treo that will be sold by Dell.