Dell 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Dell Articles for 2006

Mobile Tech News – Axim not dead, Windows Mobile roadmap, Motorola Q sighted

Dell: Axim line not dead Sketchy picture of Microsoft's next two versions of Windows Mobile Motorola Q smartphone sighted on Verizon website

There Just Might Be New Axims from Dell After All

In his latest editorial, Ed Hardy discusses the evidence that points to Dell introducing a new line of Pocket PCs in 2007.

Dell May Be Changing its Mobile Device Focus

A rumor is circulating that Dell intends to phase out its line of traditional handhelds and switch to smartphones.

Mobile Tech News – Treo “Hollywood” photos, Treo push email, Axim dead?

Photos, reports on upcoming Treo smartphone Treo 700w likely to get push email on or about April 26 Report: Dell to desist making new handhelds

PDA News – Axim rumors, Microsoft profit, Blackberry controversy

Rumor: Axim line to be discontinued Microsoft mobile division makes profit RIM: Victim or perpetrator?

Mobile Tech News – HTC profits up, Dell ROM rumors, 320 MB iPAQ upgrade?

HTC profits up sharply Reports: Axim ROM upgrade coming soon iPAQ hx2790 may get 320 MB flash Dell to Microsoft: Fix Bluetooth

Dell Updates Axim X51 System Software

Dell has posted on its support web site a pair of ROM updates for the Axim X51 and X51v.

Mobile Tech News – Dell UMPCs, Improved displays, Blackberry Connect for Palm

Reports: Dell planning to market UMPC NEC claims new displays brighter, vivid in sunlight Blackberry Connect for Palm actually in use Pricing details on DualCor cPC

System Software Update Released for Dell Axim X50 Series

Dell has posted on its support web site a system software update for Axim X50 series models that have been updated to Windows Mobile 5.0.

Palm to be Bought by Apple?

Wall Street reporters are having a field day with a letter written by major Palm shareholder, Mark Nelson, calling for the sale of Palm to a larger company. That seems[...]

PDA News – Dell responds, Ultra-mobile PCs, Loox C550

Dell responds to Axim rumors Microsoft, Intel push "ultra mobile" PCs Fujitsu posts Loox C550

Does Dell Have Long-Term Plans for the Axim?

A new report raises serious questions about whether there will be any more Windows Mobile devices coming from Dell.

PDA and Tech Deals – 5/7 /06

40% off Crumpler Treo Cases 20% off Palm GPS kit Dell Axim X51 $173 Free T-Mobile SDA, MDA $99Palm TX $256

Handheld Sales Continue to Climb

In the most recent quarter, shipments of handhelds grew 6.6 percent, thanks largly to expanding interest in cellular-wireless devices.

Handheld Shipments Continue Slow but Steady Growth

Shipments of handheld computers continued to grow during the second quarter of this year, but at relatively slow rate of 2.7 percent. Still, it was the best second quarter for[...]

Tech Companies Ranked By Environmental Friendliness

Greenpeace has ranked the makers of all types of electronics by how friendly they are to the environment, and two companies that produce mobile devices -- Nokia and Dell --[...]