Dell 2009 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Dell Articles for 2009

The Dell Streak Will Have Android 2.0, Very Large Screen

New details have emerged on Dell's upcoming Mobile Internet Device, the Streak. This will be a small portable computer -- possibly coming to AT&T -- with a variety of wireless[...]

Image of Dell’s First Android Phone Leaks Out

Dell has made no secret that it's working on a smartphone running Google's Android, and now what appears to be an image of this device has appeared on the Web.

Get Ready for Google’s Android OS to Take Off

So far, Android hasn't lived up to its hype, but Brighthand's Ed Hardy predicts that by the end of this year there will be so many models running Google's mobile[...]

Dell Mini 3iX Android-Based Smartphone Gets FCC Approval

Dell's first Android smartphone just took another step toward being released in the U.S.: it has received FCC approval. And the version being approved has features not seen in this[...]

Dell Confirms It’s Looking Into Android Netbooks

Several of the top laptop makers are supposedly looking into making netbooks with Google's Android OS, and Dell has now confirmed that it's on this list.

Michael Dell Confirms Smartphone Plans

Michael Dell has reportedly confirmed that his company is developing a smartphone, though he didn't divulge when this will be available.

New Study Warns that Cell Phone Use May Slightly Increase Cancer Risk

An extensive study overseen by the World Health Organization has found that cell phone use may cause a slight but measurable increase in several types of tumors, some of which[...]

Dell’s First Smartphones May Have Been Rejected by Carriers

Dell has supposedly been working on its first smartphones for some time, and was hoping to enter the market this year. However, an industry analysts reports that no wireless carriers[...]

Dell’s Android-Based Smartphone Officially Unveiled

The "Dellphone" is no longer just a rumor. The mini3i will be an Android-based smartphone with an entry-level feature set. However, it's not clear if many Westerners will get the[...]

Dell Android-Based Smartphone May Be Coming to America

Michael Dell has left open the possibility that his company might release an Android-based phone outside of China next year. This has raised the hopes of those who would like[...]

Dell Getting Serious About Smartphones

Dell's first smartphone was released this year, and this will apparently be followed by many more. The company has reorganized to create a new division focused on this class of[...]

Dell Working on Netbooks Running Google’s Android OS

A slip-up by a third-party developer has exposed Dell's plans to release entry-level notebooks running an operating system created by Google. Dell will apparently be joining several other companies developing[...]

Analyst Calls a Dell Smartphone ”Inevitable”

At least once a year, a new round of rumors crop up that Dell is going to release its first smartphone. A new research note from an industry analyst has[...]

AT&T’s CEO Did/Didn’t Confirm a Dell Smartphone

During a panel at this week's Mobile World Congress, AT&T's CEO referred to upcoming smartphones from Dell. Problem is, Dell hasn't announced any such thing.

Dell Reportedly Working on an Android-Powered iPod touch Rival

Dell is developing a pocket-size device designed to let users access the Internet but not make phone calls, according to a major U.S. newspaper. This will reportedly run Google's operating[...]

Dell May Finally Be Close to Releasing a Smartphone

Dell has reportedly put extensive time and effort into releasing smartphones based on either Windows Mobile or Android, with an announcement possibly coming next month.