Dell 2010 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Dell Articles for 2010

Dell Streak Review

The Dell Streak is either a very large smartphone or a very small tablet computer. Ed Hardy brings us a review of this Android OS-based device, which includes a 5-inch[...]

Verizon Starts Trade-In Program for Used Cell Phones

Verizon has started a new program aimed at letting customers dispose of a phone in an environmentally sound way while also benefiting community programs and giving credit toward a new[...]

Dell Streak First-look Review

The highly-anticipated Dell Streak is going to be released soon. J. R. Nelson brings us his first impressions of this Android OS-based tablet phone, which includes a 5-inch touchscreen and[...]

Google Reveals the Details of Android OS 2.3

Android OS 2.3 has just been officially unveiled. Google's main goals in the next version of its operating system for smartphones were support for new types of communication and new[...]

Android OS 3.0 Will Sport a New Look and Feel

The next version of Google's mobile operating system isn't expected to come out until this fall, but many of the details have leaked out already. Android OS 3.0 is reportedly[...]

Dell Streak Android OS Tablet Phone Now Available

Dell has just begun selling the highly-anticipated Dell Streak. This cutting-edge tablet phone runs the Android OS on a 1 GHz processor, plus it includes a 5-inch touchscreen and support[...]

Android-powered Dell Aero and Mini 5 Coming to AT&T this Summer

AT&T is reportedly going to release Dell's first two devices running Google's Android OS in the next few months. The Dell Aero will be a low-priced smartphone with a 3-inch[...]

Why are Cell Phone Recycling Rates So Low?

Only 10% of unwanted cell phones are recycled annually, according to the EPA. And that may be an optimistic estimate. Why is the number so low, and what can be[...]

When It Comes to Smartphone Screens, Size Matters

In the last few years, the screens on high-end phones have gone from 3.5 inches to 4.3 inches and even bigger. So why all the fuss about screen size, and[...]

Best Buy Drops Dell Streak Price to $100

It was only a few weeks ago that Best Buy was selling the Streak for $250 -- which was $50 off of the standard subsidized price -- but now, the[...]

Smartphones with 4G, Dual-Core Processors, and More Expected at CES 2011

The next Consumer Electronics Show is coming in early January, and a number of new Android OS smartphones are expected to be unveiled at this gigantic tradeshow, and maybe a[...]

Dell’s Android-Powered Mini-Tablet Could Be a Serious Rival for the iPad

The Apple iPad has garnered a great deal of attention, but Dell is working on a device that will offer many of the same features in a more pocketable design.[...]

The ”Must-Have” Features for Student Smartphones

When someone is setting out to buy a smartphone, it's important to get one with all the features they need. This guide goes through the possibilities, discussing the features that[...]

AT&T To Release Four More Android OS-based Smartphones by Mid-Year

In January, AT&T committed to releasing five smartphones running Google's Android OS in the first half of this year. So far it has released only one, and its deadline is[...]

Dell Mini 5 Tablet Phone Might Be Released by T-Mobile USA

The FCC has approved a version of the Dell Mini 5 with support for the special version of 3G used by T-Mobile, a sign that the carrier may offer the[...]

Android OS-powered Dell Streak Tablet Phone Set To Launch Very Soon

The much-anticipated Dell Streak is going to hit the market in the next week or so, according to an official statement from Dell. This tablet phone will run Google's Android[...]

Android OS 2.2 Upgrade for the Dell Streak Starting to Go Out Now

An upgrade to Android OS 2.2 has begun rolling out to the Dell Streak. Those who have the unlocked version of this tablet phone will get this upgrade very soon,[...]

Android-powered Dell Smoke To Be Small, Inexpensive

Dell is reportedly working on a slender, lightweight and affordable smartphone running Google's Android OS. The Dell Smoke will have a design similar to the Palm Pixi, with a small[...]

Cell Phone Radiation Fears Escalate Despite a Lack of Evidence

While some studies claim that cell phone radiation and frequent use of cell phones can be hazardous to your health, there is still no concrete evidence linking cell phones to[...]

AT&T Reveals Specs for Android OS-powered Dell Aero

When AT&T first announced plans to offer the Dell Aero, it gave few details on the smartphone, only to mention that it will run Google's Android OS. Today, AT&T gave[...]