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Adobe Flash Player: Good Riddance

Android smartphone or tablet users can no longer install Adobe Flash Player. Adobe gave up on this software for a very good reason: it was terrible.

Meet Nuance’s Nina, a Siri-Like Virtual Assistant That Breaks New Ground

Nuance has unveiled Nina, a Siri rival touted as able to understand not only what is said, but who is saying it. The Nina SDK will power both iOS and[...]

GDC 2012: Intel GPA 2012 Expanded to Support Smartphones, Tablets, Ultrabooks

Intel announced yesterday from GDC 2012 that it would be releasing GPA 2012, an updated version of its developer tool suite meant to help with performance optimization, to the public.

RIM Finishes Work on BlackBerry 10 Developer Kit

RIM is going to introduce BlackBerry 10 in January, and has recently finished up work on the operating system's software developer toolkit (or, SDK) has officially gone "gold." Get more[...]