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HTC EVO 4G Could Be Coming to Verizon with LTE

Sprint made headlines last week when it announced the HTC EVO 4G, the first smartphone with WiMAX. According to an unconfirmed report, Verizon Wireless is going to be offering its[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 is Amazon's second attempt to bring e-books to the masses. The new version brings a number of improvements to the line, with a higher contrast screen, a[...]

Will E-Books Survive?

Will e-books do to publishing what digital music is doing to the recording industry and digital pictures is doing to photography? Maybe not, says Brighthand founder Steven Bush.

Amazon Customers Bought More E-Books than Paper Books on Christmas Day

After years of anemic sales, e-books are starting to take off. As evidence: for the first time ever, Christmas Day shoppers on Amazon.com bought more books for their Kindles than[...]

Download Lowdown: 10 Must-Have App Types for Your iPhone

Along with the apps that come with your iPhone, you'll definitely want to download more. Here are recommendations on what types to choose out of the hundreds of apps downloadable[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Review

The Barnes & Noble nook is a new e-book reader that competes directly with Amazon.com Kindle. It offers most of the same features as its rival, plus some additional ones,[...]

Apple Unveils the iPad

Apple has just taken the wraps off its first tablet computer, which it has named the iPad. This upcoming device will greatly resembles a super-size iPhone or iPod touch, and[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Preview

Barnes & Noble's nook e-book reader isn't available yet, but Brighthand's Jen Edwards managed to get some time with this device. Based on her preliminary use, she says it stands[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Now Available in Some Target Stores

In the face of competitive pressure for the Barnes & Noble nook, the Amazon Kindle is debuting today in some Target stores, the first time this electronic book reader has[...]

Barnes & Noble Introduces nook app for iPhone, iPod touch

Barnes & Noble has just released an app that allows iOS-based devices to access ebooks created for the nook eReader. This gives users access to over a million ebooks on[...]

Amazon to Open Kindle App Store, Allows DRM Opt Out

Amazon has announced that the Kindle is now open to development for select partners, and a Kindle app store will soon open. Initial partners include EA Mobile and Zagat, which[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Preliminary Review

The Kindle 2 is the second generation of Amazon.com's ebook reader. J. R. Nelson brings us a preliminary review of this device, which he says is a worthy addition[...]

New Details Emerge on Microsoft’s Folding, Dual-Screen Tablet

Microsoft apparently continues to work on its Courier project as it develops this e-book reader and digital journal. According to the latest information to leak out, this device will be[...]

Barnes & Noble Introduces nook app for Android OS

Barnes & Noble has released an app that allows Android OS-based smartphones to access ebooks created for the nook eReader. This gives users access to over a million ebooks on[...]

Apple Announces 200 New iOS Features in iOS 5, Unveils iCloud, Ditches MobileMe

iOS 5, the next generation of Apple's OS for iPhones and iPads, will include 200 new features, said Apple's Steve Jobs on Monday. Highlights include Reminders, a new Game Center,[...]

Significant Software Upgrade to the Barnes & Noble nook Adds Web Browser and Games

Barnes & Noble has released nook 1.3, the most important upgrade yet to the system software for its e-reader. It adds a web browser, two games, in-store sampling of books,[...]

Barnes & Noble Seeing Heavy Demand for Nook E-Book Reader

When Barnes & Noble unveiled its electronic book reader, it said the Nook was scheduled for a late November release. The company is apparently going to make that deadline, but[...]

Nintendo DSi XL Now Available, Offers Gaming and More on Two Large Screens

The Nintendo DSi XL is being released today. The "XL" stands for extra large, as this new version keeps the same clamshell shape as the earlier versions, but with dual[...]

Samsung Enters eReader Fray with the E6

Samsung announced today the upcoming U.S. availability of the Samsung E6 eReader, a device that is going to feature a 6-inch, E-ink touchscreen, and Wi-Fi. It will allow users to[...]

Barnes & Noble’s Android-Based E-Book Reader Could Debut Very Soon

The launch of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is reportedly right around the corner, and many of the details of this Android-based device have slipped out in the last few[...]