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Popular E-Books and Readers Articles for 2009

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 is Amazon's second attempt to bring e-books to the masses. The new version brings a number of improvements to the line, with a higher contrast screen, a[...]

Amazon Customers Bought More E-Books than Paper Books on Christmas Day

After years of anemic sales, e-books are starting to take off. As evidence: for the first time ever, Christmas Day shoppers on Amazon.com bought more books for their Kindles than[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Review

The Barnes & Noble nook is a new e-book reader that competes directly with Amazon.com Kindle. It offers most of the same features as its rival, plus some additional ones,[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Preview

Barnes & Noble's nook e-book reader isn't available yet, but Brighthand's Jen Edwards managed to get some time with this device. Based on her preliminary use, she says it stands[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Preliminary Review

The Kindle 2 is the second generation of Amazon.com's ebook reader. J. R. Nelson brings us a preliminary review of this device, which he says is a worthy addition[...]

Barnes & Noble Seeing Heavy Demand for Nook E-Book Reader

When Barnes & Noble unveiled its electronic book reader, it said the Nook was scheduled for a late November release. The company is apparently going to make that deadline, but[...]

Barnes & Noble’s Android-Based E-Book Reader Could Debut Very Soon

The launch of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is reportedly right around the corner, and many of the details of this Android-based device have slipped out in the last few[...]

Best Buy Will Make the Motorola Droid Easier To Purchase than Verizon Does

When Verizon Wireless introduces the Motorola Droid next month, many people will likely pass by their nearest Verizon store on their way to a Best Buy location, as this retailer[...]

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK Will Lead to Better PDFs and Ebooks for Phones

Adobe has released an Adobe Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable content publishers to create optimized PDFs and ebooks for mobile devices.

Barnes & Noble’s E-Book Reader Will Run Google’s Android

A new report says that the e-book reader that Barnes & Noble's is expected to release later this year will run Google's Android operating system.

Newly-Announced Sony Daily Edition Reader Will Go Head-To-Head with the Kindle

Sony has just announced a new model in its e-book line. The Sony Daily Edition Reader's 7-inch touchscreen will be larger than the displays on its predecessors, and this device[...]

Sony Unveils Two New E-Book Readers

Sony is bringing out a pair of additions to its Reader series. One of these will be smaller and less expensive, while the other will be the latest in this[...]

Amazon Opens Kindle E-Book Store Optimized for the iPhone

Amazon.com has launched a Kindle Store optimized for the Safari Web browser on iPhone, allowing users of this smartphone to easily buy e-books on their mobile device.

Amazon Super-Sizing the Kindle E-Book Reader

Amazon.com has just unveiled the Kindle DX, an upcoming version of its e-book reader that offers a screen 2.5 times the size of the current model. It also has more[...]

Barnes & Noble’s E-Book Reader Gets Closer to Release

Barnes & Noble appears poised to go up against Amazon.com in another product category. The two have competed in books for many years, and soon they will be offering competing[...]

Barnes & Noble Nook E-Book Reader Won’t Be In Stores this Week

Barnes & Noble has been nearly overwhelmed by pre-orders for its upcoming Nook e-book reader, to the point where it has decided to not bring this device to its stores[...]

Software Update Released for Barnes & Noble nook

Barnes & Noble has begun sending out an over-the-air update to its nook e-book reader. This includes a wide variety of improvements, both increasing the performance of this device and[...]

Audible.com E-books Now Available for BlackBerrys

Audible has released a player that allows BlackBerry users to listen to its wide selection of audio e-books.

Barnes & Noble Acquires Fictionwise as Part of a Move into E-books

Barnes & Noble has acquired Fictionwise, a long-time e-book retailer. This purchase is a clear move to counter Amazon.com's growing influence over the e-book market.

Amazon Kindle DX Will Offer Much Larger Display

A new version of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader with a significantly bigger screen is supposedly going to be unveiled tomorrow.