EDGE 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular EDGE Articles for 2003

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e405

The new Toshiba e405 Pocket PC sports a new design but retains the thinnest and cutting-edge technology found in its e300 series predecessors.

bargainPDA Pocket PC Today Screen Themes

Pocket PC Themes and customzied Today Screens are certainly not a new thing, but many people that use Pocket PCs do know about themes but don't know how to install[...]

Five Sega Games Released for Tungsten T

Sega and Palm Inc. have collaborated to bring Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic games to the Tungsten T.

REVIEW: Covertec Dell Axim X5 Leather Case

For high-class style, it's hard to beat a leather case. Covertec has been making cases since before the birth of the original Palm Pilot, and given their quality it's not[...]

Review: Jack the Uni-Psychle for Linux

Jack the Uni-Psychle is the first release from Discord Studios. It is a sideways scrolling platform game in the style of such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario[...]

New Cases Available Soon for iPAQ h4155 and h2215

InnoPocket is now taking pre-orders for its HP iPAQ 4100 series aluminum hard case, while Javoedge is taking pre-orders for an HP iPAQ h2200 series ClearCase.

Possible images, specs of Toshiba e800

An alledged internal Toshiba presentation has surfaced, offering what may be additional specifications on the upcoming e800 PocketPC, most notably a 480 x 640 pixel full-VGA screen.

Want to help shape the PDA industry…and win $500?

Want to shape the future of the PDA industry and help Brighthand at the same time? If so, please take 6-8 minutes to help our research partner, Edge Strategies, with[...]

Palm Asks For Customer Feedback on Tungsten 3 Memory Card Problem

As previously reported, many Tungsten 3 owners have reported issues with the T3 corrupting memory cards 256MB and larger. Palm has acknowledged the problem and is now asking for help[...]

Making Tough Cases Tuffer

Tuffcase has been crafting their rubber PDA slipcovers for a long time. I don't have a full company history but, looking at their model line it's pretty obvious. Their only[...]

PDA News – T3 browser update, Handmark for Smartphone, e800 may have VGA after all

Web browser update for T3 New Handmark releases for Smartphone Alledged photos of e800 with VGA screen New accessories from Styrite USA BargainPDA Slashdotted

PDA News – A620 bundles, Axim orders status, 15% off JAVOedge

Asus A620 bundles from PROPortable Update on Axim X3i story Coupon for 15% off JAVOedge accessories PocketMac Backup utility

PDA News – Handango stats, Clear cases, Middle East PDAs

Handango stats for Q3 JAVOedge offers clear cases Middle East PDA summit coverage New Astraware game

Kyocera 7135 Smartphones to Ship With QuickOffice

In a big win for Cutting Edge Software, new Kyocera 7135 Smartphones will ship with QuickOffice. Most Palm PDAs come with their main competitor, Documents To Go. Both are quite[...]

QuickOffice Premier 7.0 Released With Native File Support

A few weeks ago, we told you this was coming. Cutting Edge has released the first Palm OS software capable of viewing Microsoft files in their native format. This is[...]