EDGE 2004 SmartPhone Articles

Popular EDGE Articles for 2004

Don’t Look to Market Leaders for Real Innovation

When the world got a sneak peak at HP's upcoming iPAQ models, many complained that they were short on cutting-edge features. Well, maybe this is just the way the market[...]

Samsung Confirms SPH-i550’s Existence

Samsung recently acknowledged the existence of an upcoming Palm OS smartphone for CDMA networks. This device is expected to be available from Sprint PCS later this year.

Toshiba Shows Off Prototype Microdrive SD Card

The CEATEC Japan 2004 tradeshow was held this week, at which companies showed off all kinds of cutting-edge products, including a miniature hard drive in an SD card.

Treo 600 Users Offer Big Bucks for Bluetooth

TreoCentral is tired of waiting for someone to create a Treo 600 driver for one of the Bluetooth SDIO cards on the market, so it is organizing a pledge drive[...]

PDA News – Alleged iPaq 6300 pic, Mobile Opera, Treo 610?

Alledged photo of iPaq 6300 Opera web browser for mobile tech Treo 610 release?

Which Wireless Solution Offers the Best Mobility?

Lately, the talk in the mobile computing space has centered on companies who are merging and emerging newer, faster technologies for a richer mobile media experience. Cingular's merging with AT&T[...]

AT&T Takes iPAQ Users to the EDGE

Starting today, AT&T Wireless has begun offering a package that allows iPAQ Pocket PCs to access AT&T's high-speed EDGE wireless data network.

JAVOSkin Case Released for Treo 600

JAVOedge has added a JAVOSkin form-fitting case for palmOne's Treo 600 smartphone to its product lineup.

JAVOedge Creates Leather Cases for Sony TH55, TJ27/37

JAVOedge has released two new leather cases for Sony CLIE handhelds, one for the TH55, and the other for the TJ27/37.

JAVOedge Debuts Tungsten T3, iPAQ h4155 Cases

JAVOedge has announced two new models in its ClearCase line of transparent plastic hard cases.

TI Announces EDGE Chipset For Smartphones, Handhelds

Texas Instruments has unveiled the TCS3500 EDGE chipset and reference design for smartphones and cellular-wireless handhelds.

JavoEdge Equips Treo 600 Owners With New Accessories

JavoEdge has released a new case, sync cable, and screen protector for Treo 600 owners.

JAVOSkin Encases the Tungsten E

JAVOEdge is now taking pre-orders for the JAVOSkin case for the palmOne Tungsten E.

JAVOedge Offers New Accessories for the Zire 31

JAVOedge has released a mini sync cable and screen protector for the palmOne Zire 31.

JAVOSkin Case Available for iPAQ 4150

JAVOedge has released a new plastic "skin" case for the HP iPAQ 4150.

Sony Announces VAIO U750 for U.S.

Sony has announced it will be releasing the VAIO U750 (VAIO VGN-U750P to be specific) in the U.S., this device was sold in Japan as the VAIO U70. This[...]

PDA News – Revenge of the 2700G, Smallest PDA phone, PalmOne responds

Marathon 2700G plugin for BetaPlayer is back World's smallest PDA phone PalmOne apologizes for memory issue, pledges fix New accessories from Brando

PDA News – Dell waffles, SDIO WiFi, iPaq upgrades

Dell waffles on 2003 SE upgrades for X3, X3i New SDIO WiFi card intended for Palm; combo cards 'coming soon' WM2003 SE upgrade details from HP Minimalist[...]

JAVOedge Releases palmOne Zire 72 Clear Case

JAVOedge has announced a new model for its JAVO ClearCase line.

JAVOedge Releases PalmOne Tungsten T5 JAVOScreen Screen Protector

JAVOedge is now offering a screen protector for palmOne's latest handheld.