EDGE 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular EDGE Articles for 2005

Brighthand Reviews Extreme Dungeon Game Experience (EDGE)

EDGE is a new role-playing game for the Palm OS. It took several years to develop, but the wait was worth it, as it comes closer than any other handheld[...]

Sony Adds Web Browser to PSP – Is it a PDA Yet?

There was a ton of excitement when the PSP was released, a little more when people first found a hack in Wipeout that allowed rudimentary web browsing. In the latest[...]

HTC First to Announce Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

HTC has confirmed that Windows Mobile 5.0 will be the operating system used on its upcoming cutting-edge cellular-wireless handheld.

Where’s the Nokia 9300 Smartphone?

The Smartphone has been a tough place to make money. We all know that any PDA company worth anything either has a Smartphone, or otherwise data oriented device, or is[...]

Motorola Franklin – RAZR-type Windows Mobile PDA Coming

Motorola has scrapped as many Smartphone designs as they've released, but if the Franklin comes through, it could be the biggest, or thinnest, of them all. A PowerPoint presentation is[...]

Next-Generation Clio Delayed a Month or So

Data Evolution recently admitted that the Clio NXT -- the updated version of its cutting-edge device that skirts the line between handheld, laptop, and tablet PC -- will come out[...]

RIM Unveils Next-Generation BlackBerry

The latest BlackBerry handheld will be the first model from RIM to use an Intel processor, and the first to support EDGE wireless networking.

Review – JAVOedge Bluetooth Keyboard

Practically every handheld accessory brand name under the sun has a Bluetooth keyboard available. But the model from JAVOedge may stand a bit out from the crowd.

PalmSource Unveils Smartphone Reference Designs with Cobalt and TI Processors

PalmSource and Texas Instruments have created two Palm OS Cobalt reference designs to help companies more quickly create smartphones for use on GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks.

HTC Wizard Coming to Market

Several rumors have been reported surrounding the latest Windows Mobile Smartphone from HTC. The Wizard replaces the popular HTC Magician, aka T-Mobile MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc. The Wizard is[...]

TrafficEdge Displays Critical Traffic Information in Real-time

TrafficEdge, which is available for many different types of cellular-wireless devices, gives users access to real-time traffic information.

PDA News – Treo WiFi drivers, New accessories, Motorola PPC phone

Treo 650 WiFi card drivers discovered in ROM Accessories from JAVOedge, Brando, others Motorola prepping Razr/MPx hybrid

Highly Anticipated EDGE Role Playing Game Finally Released

After a development process that has gone on at least since 2003, zanegames has finally released EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience).

Samsung i270 Windows Mobile Smartphone Gets FCC Approval

The SGH-i270 will be a fairly standard Windows Mobile device, with no really cutting-edge features.

Cingular 2125 Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Available Now

The Cingular 2125 Smartphone is now available for $199 after 2-year contract. The 2125 is the first Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and brings a host of features to the tablet[...]

Treo 650 Now Available in Canada

palmOne's Treo 650 smartphone has been launched by Canada's Rogers Wireless, and supports this carrier's high-speed EDGE network.

JAVOedge.com’s Christmas and New Years Sale – 15 Percent Off

JAVOedge is offering 15 percent off any purchase their cases, cables and other peripherals during this holiday season.

T-Mobile Finally Launching EDGE Service Next Month

Long after its U.S. competitors, T-Mobile is finally going to deploy EDGE service in the near future.

RIM BlackBerry 8700c Announced

Today RIM has announced their latest device, the BlackBerry 8700c. The 8700c is their first effort to include EDGE and will run on the Cingular network. It will also feature[...]

palmOne’s Treo 650 Smartphone Now Available in Venezuela Through Digitel TIM

palmOne has launched the Treo 650 smartphone in Venezuela with Digitel TIM, where it will be able to take advantage of this carrier's EDGE network.