EDGE 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular EDGE Articles for 2007

T-Mobile Wing Review

The T-Mobile Wing is a Pocket PC phone with Wi-Fi and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us a review of this high-end device loaded with features designed to appeal[...]

Samsung BlackJack II First Thoughts Preview

Yesterday, Samsung and AT&T took the wraps off the BlackJack II, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy has some some first thoughts on this device -- with a bit of video --[...]

Palm Treo 500v Review

The Treo 500v is Palm's latest Windows Mobile smartphone. It is this company's first device without a touchscreen, but like many previous Treos has a keyboard and 3G. Nico Holvoet[...]

RIM Blackberry 8820 Review

Just a few months after launching the BlackBerry 8800, AT&T replaced it with the 8820, a version with Wi-Fi. Kevin O'Brien has a review of the new features in this[...]

HP Announces Five New iPAQs

HP has just unveiled an extensive new line-up of smartphones and traditional handhelds that will be released in the coming months. *UPDATED*

Palm Centro vs. Palm 500v: a Quick Comparison

This fall, Palm, Inc. released two consumer-oriented smartphones: the Centro and the Treo 500v. These have caused a small amount of confusion because at first glance they are quite similar,[...]

Nokia Unveils Two 8 GB Smartphones

In a shot clearly aimed at Apple's iPhone, Nokia has taken the wraps off two upcoming smartphones with 8 GB of built-in storage: the N95 and the N81.

Palm Treo 500v First Impressions

The Treo 500v is Palm's latest Windows Mobile smartphone. It is this company's first device without a touchscreen, but like many previous Treos has a keyboard and 3G. Nico Holvoet[...]

iPAQ 610 and 910 Now Scheduled for 2008

An HP spokesperson has revealed that the two smartphones in his company's new lineup of iPAQs won't be on the market as soon as was first planned.

HTC Unveils the Touch Cruise

HTC has taken the wraps off a new smartphone called the Touch Cruise. This will not have a strong resemblance to the other models in this company's Touch series, but[...]

HTC Kaiser Could Be T-Mobile USA’s First 3G Smartphone

T-Mobile USA is finally getting its 3G network up and running, and the identity of the first smartphone to run it may have been identified: the HTC Kaiser.

T-Mobile Now Offering Sidekick LX

The new flagship model of the Sidekick line is now available. After first unveiling it late last month, T-Mobile USA now has the Sidekick LX on sale.

BlackBerry Curve with GPS Now Available through AT&T

AT&T Wireless is now offering the BlackBerry Curve 8310, a new version of this consumer-oriented smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver.

T-Mobile Unveils Two New Sidekicks

T-Mobile has just announced that it's expanding its Sidekick line of smartphones by adding two new models this fall the Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide.

Installing Native Third-Party Apps on the iPhone Getting Easier

Apple has tried to greatly limit the types of third-party software that can be installed on its iPhone, but those who aren't satisfied with these limitations have been working hard[...]

T-Mobile Shadow Slider Smartphone Unveiled

T-Mobile USA has announced plans to introduce the Shadow, a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with a sliding numberpad that will debut at $150.

Treo 500 Coming to Vodafone This Week?

While Palm, Inc. has promised to unveil a new smartphone on Wednesday, it hasn't given any information on this model. Despite this, the details of this new model are slipping[...]

Palm Announcing New Smartphone Next Week

Palm, Inc. says it intends to announce a new smartphone on September 12. Until then, it is only willing to give a few "teaser" details on this upcoming model.

More Palm Centro Pictures Available

Palm, Inc. has announced that it will unveil a new smartphone in Europe next week, and a web site-based in Europe has what might be some pictures of this device.

T-Mobile May Launch BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi in Late September

Early this summer, RIM introduced the BlackBerry Curve. Now there's word that an enhanced version of this smartphone might debut from T-Mobile USA in September.