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How I Manually Repaired My Broken Smartphone Display

A smashed screen is every smartphone user's nightmare, but with some careful handiwork and the right know-how, you can give life back to your device. One former victim describes how[...]

Evernote Review: Organizing Your Life on an iPhone

Evernote can come in handy even if you aren't a true organizing enthusiast. The app doesn't always work that well, though, on older iPhones. Read the full review.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro for Android OS Review: An App for Business & Pleasure

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a $1.99 app with tons of uses at work, at home, and everywhere in between. What's more, it's truly simple to use. Read our full[...]

OfficeSuite Pro Review: Great Office Compatibility

With its elegant design and cool feature set, OfficeSuite Pro 6 manages to impress, even in a competitive field. Read the full review of the Android OS edition.

12 Cool Smartphone Apps for Job Finding, This Summer or Any Time

Looking for a new job is never as easy as a walk on the beach. In increasing numbers, though, apps are cropping up that let you manage your job hunt,[...]

Hands-On: Five Cool Protective Cases for Apple iPhones

Smartphones often take a spill to the ground (or into the water, but a protective case can help. Here's a hands-on look at five of the best cases for the[...]

Fooducate for Android OS Review: Does Your Food Rate an A, B or F?

Fooducate - Eat Healthy Diet is supposed to teach you to eat better. Yet how well does this barcode-reading app for smartphones and tablets really work? Read the full review[...]

Low-Priced iPhone Accessories Are Great as Holiday Gifts, or Any Time

While doing your holiday shopping this year, take a look at some fun and/or practical camera accessories, docking stations, chargers, and other iPhone add-ons, each priced $15 to $130.[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Leaked Images Show Battery Capacity and Tiny Connector

With the supposed Sept. 21 release date of the next generation Apple iPhone quickly approaching, more details of the device have come to light, with new reports leaking images of[...]

Microsoft Office Mobile Now Completely Free for iPhone and Android

Microsoft Office Mobile is now free to use for those with iPhone and Android phones. The software has previously required a subscription to Office 365, but that's no longer the[...]

Corel Slingshot for iOS Review: Share Photos From Your iPhone Through Facebook

Corel's Slingshot app lets you easily share pictures from your iPhone through Facebook and email. Read the full review to see its strengths and weaknesses of this free app.

iPhone App Store Passes 25 Billion Downloads

Users of the iPhone and iPad have now downloaded 25 billion applications from the iTunes App Store since it debuted several years ago. This milestone was passed at some point[...]

Amazon Appstore for Android Celebrates First Birthday With A Week-long Sale

Amazon Appstore for Android is celebrating its first birthday with a week of deals on some of its customers' favorite apps and games, including Fruit Ninja, Tetris, and Monopoly.

What Are the Essential Smartphone Apps for Students Heading Back To School?

As students, you'll take on all sorts of new challenges like learning French and getting through the week with only $10 in your pocket. So here are five free apps[...]

Puzzle Agent 2 Coming to iPhone by Summer

Puzzle Agent 2 is on its way, scheduled for a spring or summer release on the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac, featuring puzzles that are perfect for the touch interfaces[...]

Twitter Reveals Vine Video App for iOS

After acquiring the video startup Vine last year, Twitter has unveiled the first offspring of its purchase, an iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets users capture[...]

Google Play Gift Cards Make Giving Android Apps, eBooks, and Videos Easier

The search giant is following in the footsteps of Apple, releasing its own brand of gift cards exclusively for Google Play. The cards are being sold now, though availability is[...]

iOS 11 for iPhone Review

We take a closer look at the changes to Apple's latest mobile operating system, and evaluate how bug-free iOS 11 for iPhone is at this point.

Google Play Marks Its First Birthday By Giving Out Price Cuts and Freebies

Google Play is celebrating the week of its first birthday by giving out price cuts and freebies on music, movies, books, TV shows, games, and more. TabletPCReview has additional info.