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12 Cool Smartphone Apps for Job Finding, This Summer or Any Time

Looking for a new job is never as easy as a walk on the beach. In increasing numbers, though, apps are cropping up that let you manage your job hunt,[...]

Low-Priced iPhone Accessories Are Great as Holiday Gifts, or Any Time

While doing your holiday shopping this year, take a look at some fun and/or practical camera accessories, docking stations, chargers, and other iPhone add-ons, each priced $15 to $130.[...]

Corel Slingshot for iOS Review: Share Photos From Your iPhone Through Facebook

Corel's Slingshot app lets you easily share pictures from your iPhone through Facebook and email. Read the full review to see its strengths and weaknesses of this free app.

Puzzle Agent 2 Coming to iPhone by Summer

Puzzle Agent 2 is on its way, scheduled for a spring or summer release on the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac, featuring puzzles that are perfect for the touch interfaces[...]