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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review: Have Fun Without the Formalities

This isn't a smartphone -- it's a different option for those who want to watch movies, play games, access the Web, or read their emails on an Android-based device that[...]

Netflix for Android Review: Streaming Movies to Your Smartphone

Netflix streams movies and TV shows to smartphones, not just PCs. According to Adama Brown, the free app for Android OS delivers excellent video streaming to phones, but still needs[...]

Spotify for Android OS Review

Long a user favorite in Europe, the Spotify streaming music service has finally rolled over to U.S. shores. In reviewing the beta of the Android OS app, Vince Font finds[...]

HTC Rezound Review: The Beats Go On

The HTC Rezound is the first smartphone to have integrated Beats audio technology. It also features a dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch display, 4G LTE, and other high-end features. Should this[...]

Great Add-On Gadgets for Any Android Smartphone

Whether you're getting ready to accessorize a new smartphone, or you're shopping for a great holiday gift, finding the right add-on gadget for an Android OS phone can be particularly[...]

HBO Go for Android OS Review

Adama D. Brown, a self-confessed HBO addict, took a close look at a free Android OS app known as HBO Go. Although he rediscovered a sumptuous banguet of TV and[...]

Should You Get a 4G Smartphone?

This holiday buying season, plenty of would-be smartphone owners are looking at 4G phones, wondering what benefits there are to 4G, and whether they need them. We'll take a look[...]

Hands-on with Samsung Galaxy S II for Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Samsung brought the second-generation Galaxy S to the U.S., and TechnologyGuide's Jacqueline Emigh was there at the NY event to see how Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will deliver the newly[...]

Xfinity TV App Integrates Android Smartphones into TV Watching Experience

Comcast has just released the Xfinity TV app in the Android Market, which provides several useful smartphone/television cross-over functions on devices running Google's operating system.

Google+ for Android Review

Google+ is the latest social-networking service to take on Facebook, allowing users to share their thoughts, images, and video, with circles of friends. In addition to being available on the[...]

Low-Priced iPhone Accessories Are Great as Holiday Gifts, or Any Time

While doing your holiday shopping this year, take a look at some fun and/or practical camera accessories, docking stations, chargers, and other iPhone add-ons, each priced $15 to $130.[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Previewed, But Galaxy Note Smartphone in Limbo

Two new Galaxy Player versions are headed for the U.S. Yet while Jacqueline Emigh caught a first-hand look at the Wi-Fi-only media players, she learned that Samsung has no[...]

Corel Slingshot for iOS Review: Share Photos From Your iPhone Through Facebook

Corel's Slingshot app lets you easily share pictures from your iPhone through Facebook and email. Read the full review to see its strengths and weaknesses of this free app.

RIM Buys Scoreloop for BlackBerry Apps with Social Gaming, ‘Virtual Coins’

Falling further behind Android and Apple with its BlackBerry phones, while also struggling with its new PlayBook tablet, RIM has acquired Scoreloop in hopes of picking up enough skills in[...]

Can Your iPhone Replace Your Point-and-Shoot Camera?

The cameras built into smartphones keep getting better, but have they reached the point of being the only camera you'll need? Brighthand's sister site DigitalCameraReview seeks to answer this question[...]

Grand Theft Auto III Released for Android and iOS-based Smartphones

Rockstar is celebrating its transition into open world 3D gaming by releasing a mobile version of its acclaimed Grand Theft Auto game.

E3 2011: Sony PlayStation Vita Hands On

Sony went into E3 with an NGP, but came out with a Vita when it officially named the second-generation PSP. Judging from the crowd gathered around Sony's booth and long[...]

Hulu Plus Now Available for a Lucky Few Android Smartphones

An Android version of the Hulu Plus streaming video service has gone into limited availability. This allows users to watch a selection of TV shows.

Google Brings Cloud-Based Music, Video Rentals to Android

Some major announcements were made at the Google I/O conference today. The announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich is the major headline, but surrounding it were some important smaller reveals of[...]

Apple iTunes Match Goes Live

One of iCloud's most anticipated features, iTunes Match, is finally live. This for-pay service backs up all the music in a user's iTunes library online.