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The Best (and Worst) Video Chat Apps for Android OS Devices

Want to talk face-to-face from your phone with people elsewhere in the world? After testing six Android OS video chat apps, we tell you which are the best, and why.

Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Which Is the Greatest?

If you're new to the smartphone world, you may not know which way to go. Do you want an iPhone, which seems to be the "it" device that everyone wants,[...]

Six Streaming Music Apps for the iPhone: Free Choice, But at What Price?

Streaming music apps let you get just the tunes that are really music to your ears. Apps are free, although the music might not be. Here are six top iPhone[...]

HTC One X Review: AT&T’s New Top Android Smartphone

The One X is the new flagship Android smartphone from HTC and AT&T. It has a large display, runs the latest version of Google's Android OS, loads of other high-end[...]

Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

You can use a smartphone for years and not learn all of its tricks. That's why the Brighthand staff has put together this list of the ten most useful features[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Review: Bigger and Better

The latest smartphone from Apple brings a larger display, faster processor, and quicker wireless access. How does it stack up in the real world?

Six Great Apps To Turn Your Apple iPhone into a TV

We all hate missing our favorite TV shows. Now, if you have to be away from your TV, you can always turn to your iPhone. With the right software (and[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Review: Android Games and Apps on the Cheap

The newest Galaxy Player by Samsung sports a smaller size and low end specs, but its entry-level nature conceals some surprising features. Brighthand takes an in-depth look.

Time Warner Cable Customers Can Use their iPhone to Control their TV

Time Warner Cable has introduced TWC TV for iPhone, a free app for its customers that allows them to watch live TV from within their home, change channels, and manage[...]

Sony PlayStation Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS: Mobile Game Consoles Go Head-to-Head

You may enjoy smartphone or tablet games but still long for something more. The Sony and Nintendo portable gaming consoles have a great deal to offer, but there are questions[...]

Evernote Review: Organizing Your Life on an iPhone

Evernote can come in handy even if you aren't a true organizing enthusiast. The app doesn't always work that well, though, on older iPhones. Read the full review.

Valentine’s Day Roundup: Ten Best Love Apps for iPhone and Android

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, love and romance are suddenly in the air. Here are ten apps for iPhones and Android phones that just might help you woo[...]

Sony PlayStation Vita Review: Taking Mobile Gaming to a New Level

The Sony PlayStation Vita is a very capable mobile gaming console, but it's more than that as well -- it boasts a web browser, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even optional 3G[...]

Google Android 4.2 Offers Photo Sphere and More

Google just made Android 4.2 official. This won't be a dramatic upgrade, but it will bring some new features to this operating system for smartphones and tablets.

SoundHound for Android OS Review: ‘Name That Tune,’ But At What Price?

SoundHound is touted as letting you "name that tune," whether from a CD, the radio, or your own hummed rendition. Yet sponsored links (and potential privacy concerns) lurk within. Is[...]

Hands-On: Five Cool Protective Cases for Apple iPhones

Smartphones often take a spill to the ground (or into the water, but a protective case can help. Here's a hands-on look at five of the best cases for the[...]

Adobe Flash Player: Good Riddance

Android smartphone or tablet users can no longer install Adobe Flash Player. Adobe gave up on this software for a very good reason: it was terrible.

Nine Cool iPhone Apps for On-the-Go Movie Fans

The iPhone is a movie fan's dream come true. Here are nine apps for checking reviews, finding films in theaters and online, viewing flicks on your phone, et cetera.

MacPhun FX Photo Studio Review: Cool Photo Sharing & Special Effects for iPhones

If you're an iPhone owner, you're probably taking tons of photos. Is MacPhun's Photo FX Studio app worth the 99 cents? Read the full review.

Control Your Roku Player with the Free Roku App

Customers can now control their Roku players using their Android smartphones. This free app joins an iPhone version that was released previously.