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Fossil Wrist PDA Significantly Delayed

Updated Fossil's wristwatch with Palm OS 4 won't be available at the end of this month, after all. Production problems have pushed back the release.

Fossil WristPDA 2.0 Review

As a business traveler I'm always on the look out for some gadget that can reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry. I always wear a watch --it's[...]

A Year with Fossil’s Tech Watches

Staff Writer and long-time handheld user Shawn Barnett brings his experiences with Fossil's Palm OS-based Wrist PDA and one of its rivals using Microsoft's Wrist Net technology.

Fossil Introduces Three New Smart Watches

Fossil has announced three new styles of watches that are capable of displaying snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

Say Goodbye to Fossil’s PDA Watches (Updated)

It appears Fossil has given up on all of its high-tech watches.

Fossil Wrist PDA

Is Fossil's new Wrist PDA the shape of things to come? Well, maybe not just yet.

First SPOT Watches Now Available has begun taking orders for Fossil's line of watches that are capable of displaying snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

PDA News – Opera for Windows Mobile, Fossil gone, Palm Opera

Screenshots of Opera for PocketPCs Fossil exiting PDA market Opera on Palm hack works for other devices

Fossil’s Palm OS Wrist PDA Available June 30

Updated Small enough to be worn on your wrist, Fossil's new Palm OS 4.1 device will offer the capabilities of much larger handhelds.

Fossil Wrist PDA Returning from Limbo (Updated)

Reportedly, Fossil's watch with a full version of the Palm OS will be re-launched in January, but the company says this is incorrect.

Fossil Takes the Wrist PDA Back to the Drawing Board

Fossil has decided to give up on its original design for a Palm powered Wrist PDA and is working on a new model.

Fossil Wrist PDA Delayed

The release date for Fossil's Palm Powered wristwatch has been pushed back, possibly by as much as three weeks.

BrightBytes™: Software Awards, Fossil, ZiPCAD, and More

The finalists for the Handango Champion Awards have been announced; the Fossil Wrist PDA is available for a fire sale price; ZiPCAD is a new CAD program for the Palm[...]

Software Store Opens Just for Fossil Wrist PDA

Motricity has opened a store exclusively for applications that work with Fossil's Palm Powered Wrist PDA.

Fossil Is NOT Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Fossil says that there is no truth in a recent report which indicated that it has stopped making watches with Microsoft's SPOT technology.

Beiks Launches New Software Store for Fossil Abacus Wrist PDAs

Beiks has opened a new section of its Web site devoted to software compatible with Fossil?s new Abacus Wrist PDA.

Fossil Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Reportedly, Fossil has stopped making watches that use Microsoft's SPOT technology to display snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

PDA News – Palm OS Phone Edition, Fossil watch delayed, GPRS CompactFlash card

PalmSource plans OS 5 Phone Edition Fossil PDA watch delayed indefinitely New GPRS CF card from Asus Wireless multiplayer RifleSlugs

Live From CeBit – Fossil Palm OS Watch Update

Last night Fossil had a rollout party for their new Palm OS watch. I was invited to a little shin dig Fossil had organized in their New York headquarters.[...]

PDA News – Vaporware awards, Fossil shelved, PocketPC Tools

Wired Mag annual Vaporware awards Fossil PDA Watch shelved PocketPC Tools site in trouble Covertec PocketPC phone case