GPS 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular GPS Articles for 2002

GPS Goes Bluetooth

Brighthand gets hands-on with the new Bluetooth GPS from EMTAC. We'll never get lost again!

New Wireless Pocket PC Developed by HTC

The FCC has released some information on a new Pocket PC Phone Edition device that uses CDMA wireless networks. It also includes a GPS receiver.

Instead of Making GPS smaller, Try Wireless – Bluetooth GPS En Route

Transplant Computing has released a GPS package designed to communicate with Palm OD PDA's via Bluetooth connection. Their creation makes perfect sense. Why try to jam GPS functionality into an[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM 857, Bluetooth GPS, Treo 270 in China

RIM is increasing the 857's memory, Socket is releasing a Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Pocket PC, the Treo 270 will soon be available in China, and more.

Samsung Demoing Prototype Wireless Handheld

The SPH-M400 will run the Pocket PC Phone Edition and include a TV tuner and GPS receiver.

Garmin to release Palm OS 5 GPS device powered by Motorola

Motorola has announced that Garmin International will use it's new second generation DragonBall MXL applications processor in their new familty of GPS devices.

New Pocket PC Phone Edition to Add GPS

The Falcon, a folow-up device from HTC, gained FCC approval today for sale in the US. The biggest new feature includes GPS tracking and related software applications.

Guiding Laser Missiles From Your Pocket PC?

In the Afghanistan and Kosovo conflicts, military mistakes led to air strikes against the wrong buildings. To address the problem, the Pentagon has commissioned a new battlefield targeting system[...]

News Bits: Case for the NR70, new goodies for the Palm m500 series and smaller memory sticks (pictures)

NR70 Case from Vaja Smaller memory sticks from Sony Magellan GPS available for the Palm m500 series Palm releases the mini keyboard for the Palm m500 series

GPS and Handhelds…Better Bring a Map

A reporter from Business Week tried out a few new, and old, GPS receivers for the Palm and iPAQ. Their results were not so good.

Motorola to make a smaller, more affordable GPS chip

Moto is going to make it easier and cheaper for PDA and other electronics makers to integrate GPS chips into their new devices. New chips cost 25% of the old[...]