GPS 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular GPS Articles for 2007

Nokia N95 Review

The N95 is the flagship multimedia computer/smartphone device by Nokia. Offering a drool-worthy list of features, it's designed to do a lot in an extremely pocketable package. Antoine Wright brings[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Review

The BlackBerry 8830 is nearly unique in the smartphone world by virtue of its support for both CDMA and GSM cellular-wireless networks. Jerry Jackson brings us this review. *UPDATED*

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

The latest in Nokia's Internet Tablet series of traditional handhelds is the N810, the first with integrated GPS capabilities and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

RIM Blackberry 8800 Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, has a review of RIM's latest cellular-wireless smartphone. This is the first model from this company to offer both a full QWERTY keyboard and[...]

HP iPAQ hw6925 Pocket PC Phone Review

Brighthand's Chief Reviewer, Adama D. Brown, brings us this review of HP's newest Pocket PC phone, which is part of the iPAQ hw6900 series and is available from Cingular Wireless.

HP iPAQ 610 First Thoughts

HP has announced, but not yet released, the iPAQ 610 Business Navigator. Ed Hardy brings us his first impressions of this Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with a wide variety of[...]

Samsung BlackJack II First Thoughts Preview

Yesterday, Samsung and AT&T took the wraps off the BlackJack II, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy has some some first thoughts on this device -- with a bit of video --[...]

Treo 800w May Offer Wi-Fi

Last week, the first reports surfaced on the Treo 800w -- the next smartphone supposedly coming from Palm, Inc. -- and now some additional details are available.

Pharos GPS Phone 600 Review

The Pharos GPS Phone 600 is equipped much like other Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC phones, but with GPS capabilities added. Brighthand's chief reviewer brings us this hands-on report.

RIM Blackberry 8820 Review

Just a few months after launching the BlackBerry 8800, AT&T replaced it with the 8820, a version with Wi-Fi. Kevin O'Brien has a review of the new features in this[...]

HP Announces Five New iPAQs

HP has just unveiled an extensive new line-up of smartphones and traditional handhelds that will be released in the coming months. *UPDATED*

Brighthand Staff’s Predictions for the Palm “Hawk”

Jeff Hawkins has promised to reveal more details on Palm's plans to create a third product category soon, but Brighthand's editors, writers, and moderators are sharing their predictions of what[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8800 First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Adama D. Brown takes a preliminary look at Research In Motion's BlackBerry 8800, the latest in this company's popular line of mobile devices.

Nokia N810 First Thoughts

A new model in Nokia's Internet Tablet series will be on the market soon, and Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has some first thoughts on the N810 after spending a bit of time[...]

Freedom Keychain GPS Receiver Review

Ed Hardy has a review of an accessory that can bring access to the Global Positioning System to most handhelds, smartphones, or UMPCs. According to him, the Freedom Keychain GPS[...]

A Version of the HTC Touch in Development for Sprint or Verizon

HTC has revealed that it is developing a CDMA version of a smartphone whose fingertip-oriented control system invites comparison to Apple's iPhone. This will include features not in the GSM[...]

Pharos GPS Phone First Thoughts Review

Antoine Wright recently got a chance to test out the Pharos 600 GPS Phone, and brings us this report of his first impressions.

Sprint and Verizon Announce CDMA/GSM BlackBerry

Both Sprint and Verizon plan to offer the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, a smartphone that will allow its users to roam internationally.

iPAQ 610 and 910 Now Scheduled for 2008

An HP spokesperson has revealed that the two smartphones in his company's new lineup of iPAQs won't be on the market as soon as was first planned.

HTC Unveils the Touch Cruise

HTC has taken the wraps off a new smartphone called the Touch Cruise. This will not have a strong resemblance to the other models in this company's Touch series, but[...]