GSM 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular GSM Articles for 2002

Nokia trying to communicate better Set to release the 9310 Communicator today

In late May, Nokia released the Communicator 9290 in the US with limited success. While the large clamshell design opened to reveal a very nice, wide color screen and large[...]

Palm Launches Tungsten Handhelds

Palm has officially announced the Tungsten T, with Bluetooth and Palm OS 5, and the Tungsten W, with GSM/GPRS.

Compaq launches GSM sled in Europe, pushes back US launch to June

Yesterday Compaq said it has released a kit for its iPAQ Pocket PC handhelds that turn the devices into GSM/GPRS mobile telephones. They also have pushed back the US release[...]

BrightBytes™: RIM, Kyocera, ViewSonic, Bluetooth

Updated RIM has announced GSM/GPRS devices, Kyocera has renewed its Palm OS licence, and Microsoft is adding limited Bluetooth support to WinXP.

HP Jornada 928 Revealed

Unveiled yesterday at the 3GSM World Congress conference in Cannes, France, the HP Jornada 928 Wireless Digital Assistant (WDA) is the first two-in-one device that combines a Pocket PC 2002-powered[...]

More info on the Sony Ericsson PDA Phone

Here's a pretty cool demo of the new phone in all it's glory. Built in digital camera, GSM netwrok, large color screen...this definitely looks like a combo device that can[...]