GSM 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular GSM Articles for 2003

Turn Your iPAQ into a Phone

Using the G1 GSM/GPRS CompactFlash Card from Convergent Technology, you can convert your iPAQ into a cell phone and a wireless email and Web browsing device.

Your Guide to Wireless

Confused by numbers like 802.11 and 2.5G, or by the alphabet soup of PANs and WANs, CDMA and TDMA, or GSM and GPRS? Well, maybe we can help.

Handspring Says Release of GSM/GPRS Version of Treo 600 on Schedule

According to a Handspring spokesperson, there is no basis for the rumors that the GSM/GPRS version of the Treo 600 smart phone has been delayed by several months.

Handspring Treo 600 Gets FCC Approval

Handspring’s FCC filing gives the first glimpse of the differences between the CDMA and GSM/GPRS versions of this upcoming smart phone.

Treo 600 Debuting on Cingular in Mid-November

Cingular will be the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to offer the GSM/GPRS version of the Treo 600 Palm OS smart phone.

WANDA-based Wireless Handhelds Unveiled This Fall

At a trade show in September, several companies will reportedly demonstrate Pocket PCs based on TI’s WANDA concept design, which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM/GPRS.

CTIA 2003 – Texas Instruments Shows Off PDA Concept Design (picture)

TI won't actually mass market this device, but it would be pretty sweet if they did. Code named "Wanda," it runs on Pocket PC and features WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS[...]

PDA News – Wireless Axim in ’04, Golf on PPC, Zire wins award

New Axim to debut in 2004 with WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM/GPRS? Hexacto's Links golf game available on PocketPC Palm Zire wins IDEA2003 Gold award[...]

New Microsoft Smartphones & Pocket MSN

The 3GSM Event in France has been busy and Microsoft and T-Mobile are taking part. Much of the news is centered on new phones and new services, both of which[...]