GSM 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular GSM Articles for 2005

palmOne Treo 650 GSM Version Review

When the Treo 600 was first announced around the middle of 2003, I was excited in thinking that it would be the ultimate all in one gadget. However, when[...]

Audiovox SMT5600 Windows SmartPhone Review

The Audiovox SMT5600 (as sold in the U.S., it is also known as the Orange SPV C500, HTC Typhoon, Qtek 8010, Dopod 565 and i-mate Smarpthone 3 in other countries)[...]

First Thoughts – BenQ P50 Windows Mobile Phone (pics)

I was able to spend a few minutes with BenQ's latest effort in the Smartphone space. BenQ hopes to have this unit available in the US by July, but makes[...]

iPAQ hw6500 Coming in April (Updated)

As promised, HP is showing off its next cellular-wireless Pocket PC at the 3GSM World Congress. It has also revealed some new details on this device.

Pocket PC Phone with 802.11g Demoed

At this week's 3GSM World Congress, Chi Mei Communication Systems is showing off a cellular-wireless Pocket PC with some advanced features.

T-Mobile Germany Announces the MDA IV Windows Mobile Smartphone

The MDA IV will be declared by some as the perfect PDA/phone combo unit. It features a swivel screen, integrated keyboard, and support for GSM, GPRS, UTMS, WiFi and Bluetooth.[...]

Motorola Franklin – RAZR-type Windows Mobile PDA Coming

Motorola has scrapped as many Smartphone designs as they've released, but if the Franklin comes through, it could be the biggest, or thinnest, of them all. A PowerPoint presentation is[...]

Samsung i830 Finally Coming Out

According to rumor, Verizon intends to replace the Samsung i730 with a device that offers both CDMA and GSM/GPRS.

FCC Approves the Samsung i830 Pocket PC

The FCC has given Samsung permission to release in the U.S. the i830, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC which will have support for both CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks.

PalmSource Unveils Smartphone Reference Designs with Cobalt and TI Processors

PalmSource and Texas Instruments have created two Palm OS Cobalt reference designs to help companies more quickly create smartphones for use on GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks.

HTC Wizard Coming to Market

Several rumors have been reported surrounding the latest Windows Mobile Smartphone from HTC. The Wizard replaces the popular HTC Magician, aka T-Mobile MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc. The Wizard is[...]

palmOne Treo 650 to Hit Cingular in February

While at the CES we've seen palmOne employees walking around with GSM Treo 650's using the Cingular network. It's been in testing for almost three months, waiting for final certification[...]

COMPUTEX: Asus P505 Pocket PC Phone Pics (and more Taipei pics)

Asus also had their new Pocket PC Phone, the Asus P505, on display at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. This device should be available in Europe soon. Asus does[...]

GSM Version of Treo 650 Debuts… in New Zealand

Cingular isn't going to be the first wireless service provider to offer the GSM version of the Treo 650 after all.

Flextronics Unveils Windows Mobile Smartphone Reference Design

Flextronics and Microsoft have announced Peabody, a GSM/GPRS smartphone running Windows Mobile.

PDA News – GSM Treo coming soon, Axim security flaw, Tapwave’s future

PalmOne website shows GSM Treo 650 Security flaw on Axim X50 series PC Mag talks to Tapwave founder Verizon users sue over Bluetooth crippling

Cingular 2125 Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Available Now

The Cingular 2125 Smartphone is now available for $199 after 2-year contract. The 2125 is the first Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and brings a host of features to the tablet[...]

New Evidence palmOne May License Windows Mobile (Updated)

A comment made today at the 3GSM World Congress added fuel to the speculation that palmOne is going to use Windows Mobile for some future models.

PDA News – CDMA/GSM Hybrid phone, iPaq hw6000 specs, Symbol renews

Samsung prepping CDMA/GSM PocketPC phone Confirmation of specs for iPaq hw6500, hw6700 Symbol renews Palm OS license

HP iPAQ hw4500 Smart Phone (Picture)

It's a rumor at this point, but the pictures make it look pretty real. Whether or not HP intends to release this smartphone is another issue. The HP iPAQ hw4500[...]