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Popular Gaming Articles for 2001

Monkeying around with Monkeystone Games

In this interview with high-profile game developers John Romero, Tom Hall and Stevie "Killcreek" Case, we discuss their new company, Monkeystone Games, and its goal to develop exciting new games[...]

Gifts for the palm-top generation

At last you've got a handheld computer. It's small enough to fit in the pocket of your coat, lets you check your appointments, play some games and even synchronizes with[...]

Midway plays arcade games on Palm

Palm OS handheld users can now turn their PDAs into gaming machines with the release of a suite of classic arcade games for the platform.

International Mobile Gaming with the Palm OS

GIC-Software, a Los Gatos, CA based entertainment software development company, announced Wednesday a new game system for devices running the Palm OS. The games are multi-player Internet games designed for[...]

Sega Brews Wireless Game Plans

Those who dabble in the wireless space know there is a huge market for games: not for boring Pong-like games stuck in two dimensions, but for vivid games with interesting[...]

Games for Palm-based devices

Game software publisher Infogrames said Tuesday it will work with Finland's Springtoys to develop games for the Palm operating system. Springtoys, which specialize in games for cell phones, will produce[...]

Sonic the Hedgehog burrows into iPaq

Sega has signed a deal that will get its computer games on handheld computers in the United States for the first time, the company said Thursday. [...]