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Popular Gaming Articles for 2002

Astraware releases Bejeweled game for Palm OS 5

Bejeweled has long been a favorite of Palm owners. Astraware has taken this classic and updated it for the new Palm OS5 devices including the Palm Tungsten T and the[...]

A new breed of adult content coming to Pocket PC s

Be honest baby! Pocket PC owners will either be excited or outraged by this news. A company in Spain is preparing secure digital cards with content like adult movies, games,[...]

Review – Lemonade Tycoon for Palm OS from Hexacto

Lemonade Tycoon is one half Business simulation one third puzzle/strategy and the rest ice cubes. Hexacto has taken another of their popular Pocket PC games and brought it to the[...]

BookWorm Released – New Pocket PC and Palm Game From Astraware

It's been a little quiet in Astraware land...but they just took the wraps off a new cross-platform game, BookWorm. I found it to be a mix of Scrabble and Tetris,[...]

Snag a free game for your Pocket PC from Capcom

Capcom, the maker of classic arcade games Commando and 1942, is giving back to the Pocket PC community with a free version of Vulgus.

REVIEW: Rook’s Revenge for Palm OS

Astraware, one of the premier game software makers for PDAs, recently released four new games for the Palm: Rook's Revenge, Candy Cruncher, Link Letters and What Word? Brad[...]

BrightBytes™: XCade, AvantGo, Cropped Out

XCade is similar to MAME in that it allows Palm OS 5 users to play the ROMs from classic arcade games, AvantGo for Palm OS 5 is in closed beta,[...]

Free Pocket PC Software – Snowed In From Clickgamer

Clickgamer is getting in the Holilday spirit by giving away one of their Pocket PC games for free.

Review – Cube Head Pocket PC Puzzle Game

Cascata Games hasn't been in the Pocket PC arena for all that long, but they've introduced a wonderful puzzle game title in the form of CubeHead. A zany game[...]

ZIOSoft about to release Age of Empires for Pocket PC

Age of Empires is one of the biggest games in PC history and mobile users are about to get a taste of the greatness. I'm such a big fan of[...]

BrightBytes™: ViewSonic, Games, FitalyVirtual

There is good news for anyone who wants a refund for their V35 because of the amount of its accessible RAM, several games have been released or will be in[...]

BrightBytes™: Card Export, Gameloft, pdaGOLFPRO, Handspring, Sony Cases

Use a Palm as a Windows SD card reader, there are two new games from Gameloft, get golf tips from a pro, the Treo 270 is available in Mexico, Handspring[...]

Kickoo Updates Their Palm Games TacTik and Breakout

If you don't know who Kickoo is, you should. They've got two of the best looking Palm OS games I've ever seen. They play very weel too, so the whole[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Express Entertainment Pack Plus for Palm OS

Palm OS gamers rejoice! This is a terrific blend of games that includes some classics like Lode Runner with chess and backgammon resulting in a well rounded game pack under[...]

New racing game lets Palm OS 5 owners to drive in 3D mode

Xavier Martin has been hard at work making PilotMicroRace. It's one of the first Palm games to take advantage of all the ARM processor has to offer. It's not the[...]

New Palm OS games from Sega

Sega has demonstrated a number of new games made for the Palm OS at PalmSource in Japan. Sega announced early last year that it would expand it game development to[...]

CodeJedi releases Palm OS 5 game emulator

We all remember the great games that were released back in the 80's. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug...just thinking about it takes me back to the Penny Arcade. Anyway, now you[...]

World s first ever wireless card tourney this weekend. Want in? It s Free.

DreamQuest Software will host the much anticipated wireless card tournament this Saturday. Players can participate with wireless PDA s or cell phones running the games. You don t even need[...]

Review – Pop’s Pipes for Palm OS

Hexacto has taken their formula for success on the Pocket PC platform and is now porting some of their games to the Palm OS. Pop's Pipes is played Tetris-style and[...]

iNDUSTRY Entertainment releases MONSTA of a game for the Palm OS

iE has been working hard at their MONSTA game and it shows. Released a few weeks ago, they have addressed numerous bugs to make the gameplay even better. MONSTA offers[...]