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Popular Gaming Articles for 2003

Attention Gamers: Zodiac is coming

Attention adult gamers: Your life will soon change. In less than two weeks, Tapwave will unveil its highly anticipated Zodiac gaming handheld at the DEMOmobile conference in La Jolla, CA.

Tapwave Announces Palm Powered Handheld for Serious Gamers

People who primarily use their handheld for playing games will soon have a device designed with them in mind. Unlike other portable gaming devices, the Helix will be able[...]

In Depth – Tapwave Zodiac

Tapwave's Palm-powered gaming device, the Zodiac, goes on sale today. We bring you a full preview of its design and specifications.

Tapwave Now Taking Pre-orders for the Zodiac

The Zodiac, a gaming-oriented handheld that runs Palm OS 5, can now be pre-ordered. This device offers a high-resolution screen, two SD slots, and Bluetooth.

Tapwave Zodiac Gets FCC Approval

Documentation filed with the FCC brings to light additional information about this gaming-oriented handheld. The Zodiac is expected to go on sale later this month.

Sony: We’ll Do A Handheld Gaming Device Too

Just a week after startup Tapwave offered a sneak peek at its Palm Powered handheld for adult gamers, Sony announces that it will bring a handheld gaming device to the[...]

Tapwave’s Palm OS Gaming Device Coming in September

More information is now available on Tapwave’s upcoming line of gaming handhelds, including the prices and release date.

Additional Information on the Tapwave Zodiac

More details have emerged about this highly-anticipated games-oriented Palm OS handheld, which is expected to be released in September.

Is the N-Gage Doomed?

Nokia’s combination game player and mobile phone won’t be available for months but many in the gaming industry already have serious doubts about it.

PDA News – Dual slot dual radio PocketPC, New Year game sales, Vodafone dumps MS

Asus PocketPC with BT/WiFi/CF/SD coming in January New Years sales on Astraware and iNDUSTRY games Vodafone puts Smartphone on hiatus

Review – Bejeweled Game of the Year Edition from Astraware (Pocket PC and Palm)

Quick, think of an application on your handheld. Chances are that you named a game. And if it was a game, was it Bejeweled? Bejeweled has been one of the[...]

Review – Sega Classics for Palm OS 5 PDAs

Well, I ll go ahead and be honest with you. I ve lost the skills that I worked hard to attain as a child. I had the opportunity to try[...]

BrightBytes™: Tungsten T, New Games, and More

The Palm Store is offering the Tungsten T at $50 below its normal cost; Handmark has a released a variety of classic games for Palm OS and Pocket PC; and[...]

Tapwave Zodiac Shipping

Tapwave is now shipping the Zodiac, a gaming-oriented handheld that runs the Palm OS. The Tapwave web site is going to be the only place to buy one of these,[...]

PDA News – Dell refuses orders, SD GPS, Astraware games

X3i listing was a mistake, says Dell; position's legality questioned New SDIO GPS in Japan Four new games from Astraware Axim X3 leather case Fitaly for[...]

Review – TealAlias from TealPoint Software (Palm OS)

TealAlias is a simple program that helps you set up little launcher programs to point to the programs or files on your expansion card that you want to use. These[...]

PDA News – SD FM Radio, Sena Cases, Astraware Updates

iBIZ is very close to releasing their SD FM radio Sena has announced new leather cases for the iPAQ h1910 and Clie NZ90 Astraware is updating a few[...]

BrightBytes™: 256MB SD Card, Socket, XI-ART, and More

Several companies are offering 256 MB SD cards as low as $50; Socket is offering a $40 rebate on its Wi-Fi CF card; XI-ART has released five games for the[...]

Review – Atomic Cannon Pocket by Isotope 244

Atomic Cannon Pocket is a tank combat game for PocketPCs in the tradition of the Artillery Duel style of games--on steroids.

Nokia’s N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Now Available

While all smart phones can play some games, gaming is the N-Gage’s primary focus. This device is now available worldwide, including many retailers in the U.S.