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Popular Gaming Articles for 2004

Brighthand Reviews the Tapwave Zodiac

The first Palm OS device specifically designed for gaming, the Zodiac features a large screen, an analog joystick, and everything else necessary to make playing games fun. However, it can[...]

Nintendo DS Review — palmOne and HP Could Learn a Thing or Two

The new Nintendo DS gaming handheld, launched in the United States yesterday, is interesting in many ways. With this impressive new gaming device Nintendo has set it's target age[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Apple iPod mini

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes a look at the iPod mini, a small, lightweight device that lets you bring more than 60 hours of music -- approximately 1,000 songs --[...]

Samsung i530 Makes an Appearance at the Olympics

Samsung has distributed the SGH-i530 Palm OS smartphone to thousands of officials and VIPs at the Olympic games. It has also posted a description of this device on its web[...]

There’ll Be No Xbox Portable

The head of game content for Microsoft has made it clear that his company has no plans to release a portable gaming device. Instead, it will encourage game developers to[...]

Nokia Takes the Wraps Off the N-Gage QD

Nokia has just announced the N-Gage QD, the next generation of its gaming-oriented, cellular-wireless handheld. This was created to replace the original N-Gage, which had some severe design flaws that[...]

RumorMill™: N-Gage 2 Will Fix First Version’s Problems

While the current version of Nokia's gaming smart phone is struggling, a famous game developer says the next generation-model will be much better.

Tapwave Zodiac Coming to the U.K. in Two Weeks

Tapwave had announced that its Zodiac gaming-oriented handheld will be available in the U.K. for the first time later this month.

Nokia N-Gage QD Launched in U.S.

Although Nokia released the updated version of its gaming-oriented smartphone in much of the rest of the world back in May, it is only becoming available in America today.

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

Astraware releases three new games, Daedalus 3D released, Warring Nations introduced, and much more.

N-Gage 2 Probably Debuting on April 14

It now appears that the new and improved version of Nokia's gaming-oriented smart phone will be announced in just a couple of weeks.

Nokia N-Gage Passes the One Million Mark

Nokia has shipped one million N-Gage units worldwide since sales of this gaming-oriented smartphone started eleven months ago.

Tapwave Releases Wi-Fi SD Card Driver, Email App for the Zodiac Series

Tapwave has introduced software that allows its gaming-oriented Palm OS handhelds to use Wi-Fi SD cards. It has also posted on its web site a free email application for the[...]

RumorMill™: First Pictures of N-Gage 2 (Updated)

Some images of Nokia's upcoming gaming-oriented smart phone have been leaked on the Web.

Ecer Technologies Develops TiltCONTROL Motion Sensor

A new peripheral attaches to the synchronization port of supported handhelds and allows the user to control applications and games by tilting the handheld up and down, or from left[...]

Brighthand Weekly Gaming Roundup

PDArcade has named its Pocket PC games of the year; Vector Blaster is a new game for Pocket PCs and Smartphones; Ultima III is now available for the Palm OS;[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Gaming news this week includes new games from PDAMill, Handy Entertainment, and more.

Several Companies Holding Software Sales

For a short time, Clickgamer, iambic, and PDAmill are offering some of their software titles at significant discounts. Many of these are games, but there are some productivity applications on[...]

Review – Cubis from Astraware (Palm and Pocket PC)

Have you ever been just bored with your Palm? I mean, you have all the games and productivity applications that you want, but for some reason you have just met[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New Games for Palm OS and Pocket PC include TetriBox, Snake, Gamebox Solitaire II, and more.