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Samsung Focus Review

The Samsung Focus is one of the very first models with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system, which has a greater emphasis on consumers than earlier versions did. Jen Edwards[...]

Ovi Store Now Available to AT&T’s Nokia Phones

AT&T has announced support for the Ovi Store on those Nokia smartphones that it currently sells, as well as for future devices. This makes it the first U.S. carrier to[...]

Android OS 3.0-based PlayStation Phone May Resemble the PSP Go

The first report that a PlayStation Phone is in development surfaced earlier this year, and now some additional details of it have leaked out of Sony Ericsson. This device will[...]

Google Reveals the Details of Android OS 2.3

Android OS 2.3 has just been officially unveiled. Google's main goals in the next version of its operating system for smartphones were support for new types of communication and new[...]

Sony Ericsson CEO Drops Hints about a PlayStation Phone

In a recent interview, the head of Sony Ericsson would not confirm that a phone that can play PlayStation Portable games is coming soon, but he dropped some hints to[...]

Nintendo DSi XL Will Offer Two Larger Screens, Much More than Games

Nintendo has revealed the U.S. release date for the DSi XL, which will keep the same clamshell shape as the current versions, but with dual screens nearly doubled in size.[...]

Palm’s webOS Gets Support for Running Native Linux Apps, High-End Multimedia Tools

When developing the webOS, Palm decided to make it very easy to create applications with simple tools. While this has advantages, there was a significant disadvantage: at launch, this platform[...]

Nintendo DSi XL Now Available, Offers Gaming and More on Two Large Screens

The Nintendo DSi XL is being released today. The "XL" stands for extra large, as this new version keeps the same clamshell shape as the earlier versions, but with dual[...]

Microsoft Encouraging Cross-Platform Games for Windows Phone 7, Xbox, and PC

When Window Phone 7 was first unveiled last month, Microsoft promised integration with its Xbox Live service, but was light n details. Today, this company announced a development tool for[...]

Epic Games Releases Infinity Blade for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Infinity Blade, the first mobile game using the Unreal 3 engine, has just been posted on the iTunes Store. This fantasy adventure has been much anticipated since a demo version[...]

Apple iOS 4.1 Update for the iPhone Launching this Wednesday

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a few days ago that iOS 4.1 will be released next week, but he didn't say exactly when. Apple UK has reveled that this upgrade[...]

Smartphone Makers Urged to Focus on Seven Core Apps

Apple may have more than 200,000 mobile applications in its App Store, but in reality only seven types of applications are expected to drive software downloads and the market over[...]

Sony Working on a PlayStation Phone and an iPad Competitor

Sony is working on a smartphone that will be able to play games created for the PlayStation Portable, according to a new report. This company is also supposedly putting the[...]

Mobile Gaming Expected To Soar as Focus Turns to Cell Phones

Video game manufacturers are turning their attention to mobile phones as sales of handheld and console gaming systems stall as a result of consumers' reluctance to invest in new gaming[...]

StyleTap’s Palm OS Emulator Released for Jailbroken iPhones

The long-delayed version of StyleTap for the iPhone has finally been released. This emulator allows over 30,000 applications originally written for Palm OS to run on iPhone and iPod touch[...]

Sony Unveils Phone Gaming App, while PlayStation Phone and PSP2 Rumors Persist

With game playing among smartphone users continuing to climb, Sony plans to release a PlayStation application for iOS and Android OS devices as its next move into smartphone gaming. There[...]

Palm Brings 3D Gaming to the webOS

Palm's webOS was created with a focus on the Web, but users wanted high-end games, too. Palm has now answered this request by modifying its operating system to allow for[...]

Astraware Releases Its First webOS Games

Astraware, one of the top mobile game developers worldwide, has introduced its first two titles for HP's webOS. Astraware Sudoku and OddBlob are for the Palm Pre and Pre Plus.

PlayStation Phone Images and Details Leak Out

Sony Ericsson isn't yet ready to announce the long-awaited Playstation Phone, but many of the details on it are available already. This device will apparently run the Android OS, and[...]

PlayStation Phone Might Be Coming Sooner than Previously Thought

The next iteration of a portable PlayStation device may not be far off, as the PlayStation Phone, the rumored hybrid gaming and phone device developed by Sony Ericsson, will reportedly[...]