Garmin 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Garmin Articles for 2002

REVIEW: Pocket Solution’s “The Cover Up” Screen Protector

PDA Screens are easy to break, and very expensive to repair. In fact, if you break your PDA screen you'll pay almost as much as the device to fix[...]

Unannounced Garmin Handheld Wins Award

Though not yet announced, the Garmin iQue 3600, which runs Palm OS 5, has won an award for innovation.

Garmin to release Palm OS 5 GPS device powered by Motorola

Motorola has announced that Garmin International will use it's new second generation DragonBall MXL applications processor in their new familty of GPS devices.

Fat Finger gets phatter with a new version and many updates

The newest version of FatFinger is designed to improve the look and feel of this on-screen keyboard replacement. Most notable is the new option called "Qwerty-Rows", which uses alternate color[...]

Quest for the Hero II released

Dmitri Kornilov made a splash when he introduced Quest of the Hero I and now he's back with the follow-up. A unique blend of stratey and role-playing (RPG) a lot[...]