Garmin 2010 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Garmin Articles for 2010

Verizon Starts Trade-In Program for Used Cell Phones

Verizon has started a new program aimed at letting customers dispose of a phone in an environmentally sound way while also benefiting community programs and giving credit toward a new[...]

Android OS 3.0 Will Sport a New Look and Feel

The next version of Google's mobile operating system isn't expected to come out until this fall, but many of the details have leaked out already. Android OS 3.0 is reportedly[...]

Why are Cell Phone Recycling Rates So Low?

Only 10% of unwanted cell phones are recycled annually, according to the EPA. And that may be an optimistic estimate. Why is the number so low, and what can be[...]

Google’s Android OS 2.2 Unveiling Expected Tomorrow

Google is widely expected to officially announce the next version of its mobile operating system tomorrow at an event for developers. According to early reports, Android OS 2.2 will include[...]

The ”Must-Have” Features for Student Smartphones

When someone is setting out to buy a smartphone, it's important to get one with all the features they need. This guide goes through the possibilities, discussing the features that[...]

Cell Phone Radiation Fears Escalate Despite a Lack of Evidence

While some studies claim that cell phone radiation and frequent use of cell phones can be hazardous to your health, there is still no concrete evidence linking cell phones to[...]

Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity: Allies Now Rather than Rivals

Cellular communications and Wi-Fi networks were at one time bitter foes. Recently, the hostility has abated and rather than competitive alternatives, the two are viewed as complimentary services.

Android-based Garminfone To Debut in June for $200

T-Mobile USA has announced that the Garminfone is going to be released at some point next month. The carrier has also announced the price for this navigation-oriented smartphone running Google's[...]

Smartphone Makers Urged to Focus on Seven Core Apps

Apple may have more than 200,000 mobile applications in its App Store, but in reality only seven types of applications are expected to drive software downloads and the market over[...]

Android OS-powered Garminfone Now Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is now offering Garmin's first smartphone running Google's Android OS. Not surprisingly, the Garminfone comes with a suite of navigation software, but it also sports a range of communication[...]

T-Mobile’s Garminfone To Launch June 9

T-Mobile's launch date for Garmin's first Android OS device has been officially announced: June 9. The Garminfone is going to come with a suite of navigation software, and also a[...]

Garmin Outs First Android nuvifone

Garmin-Asus today unveiled their nuvifone A50, the company's first Google Android OS device. This will come loaded with location-based features, including geotags for digital photos, texts, and emails in addition[...]

Android-based Garminfone Might Debut June 2

T-Mobile USA has promised that the Garminfone is going to be released at some point next month, and a new unconfirmed report gives the exact day this navigation-oriented smartphone running[...]

Android-based Garminfone Headed for T-Mobile

T-Mobile has just announced that it will be the exclusive provider for the Garminfone. It will be Garmin's first smartphone to offer both Google's Android OS and a suite of[...]

CTIA Sues San Francisco Over Cell Phone Radiation Notification Law

Arguing that San Francisco's new cell phone radiation law violates the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, the CTIA wireless industry association has filed a lawsuit to halt its enforcement.[...]

FDA Finds No Link Between Cell Phone Use and Cancer

In the midst of ongoing research, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now saying that there is scientific evidence to suggest that cell phones do not pose a[...]

Kingston Ships Fast but Pricey 32 GB microSDHC Phone Card

For users who like to store lots of music, video and photos on to their smartphones, Kingston has started shipment of a new 32 GB microSDHC card, making it the[...]

Garminfone Gets a Significant Price Cut

A month after the debut of the Garminfone, T-Mobile has droped the price of this GPS-oriented smartphone by a third. Not surprisingly, this device comes with navigation software, but the[...]

There Will Be No More Garmin-Asus Nuvifones

In the wake of lackluster sales of their Nuvifone series, Garmin and Asus have announced the end of their partnership to create navigation-oriented smartphones.

What New Feature Do You Most Want to See Become Standard on Smartphones?

Over time, features that were once available only in high-end models trickle down to become standard on virtually every smartphone. What currently cutting-edge feature would you most like to see[...]