Google 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Google Articles for 2005

Google May Offer Free Wi-Fi Nationwide

Business 2.0 is speculating that Google is gearing up to offer free Wi-Fi service across the United States.

PDA News – WiFi smartphones, Cingular rumors, Google WiFi?

Qtek smartphones: now with 100% more WiFi Rumor: HTC Wizard to debut on Cingular October 24th Rampant speculation: Google to build nationwide WiFi net?

Google Introduces Mobile Version of Gmail

Google has launched a mobile version of its Web-based email service.

PDA News – Pocket GMail, PalmSource joins Linux forum, 2 GB SD cards shipping

GMail now works on mobile devices PalmSource joins Consumer Electronics Linux Forum ATP shipping 2 GB SD cards Cradle now available for HTC Magician

PDA News – Google WiFi in SF, Smartphone photos, Treo rumors

Google proposes city-wide WiFi in San Francisco Photo tour of Qtek smartphones Rumor: Prototype Symbian-powered Treo Torq P100W to feature WiFi, Windows Mobile[...]

PDA News – Treo rumors, Mobile GMail, Tablet PC smartphone?

Report: Treo 700w to debut during or around CES GMail launches mobile-optimized version DualCor seeks to combine XP tabletPC, WM smartphone Visto sues Microsoft for patent infringement

Google Enhances Mobile Search

Google has added a new element to their industry leading search tool for portable computing. The new option allows users to search only pages that are designed for the smaller[...]